Demented Squirrel

I went on vacation for a few days to the lovely South Seas Resort on Captiva Island (located in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Florida up from the Keys).  Now when I left, I had 3 healthy tomato plants. That’s right, it is October up here and I still have Tomatoes coming off my tomato plants.  (I will give you that production has slowed down somewhat.)   Anyway, Wednesday morning when I return I found that one tomato plant was almost entirely gone!  There was nothing but a stem left..and it looked like someone had gutted the inside of the partial stem left.  What was even stranger is that the other two plants that sit right beside this one were perfectly fine.  In fact, I pulled a few tomatoes off the plants.  (Here is how the good tomato plants look…as you can see, lots of height!)


So I was wondering what the heck could have happened.  Normally when I have a domestic type of question (home, garden, cooking, kids, painting, decorating, etc) I call my best friend Julie who lives in Houston.  She tends to be pretty good on answering these types of questions.  Well she had no idea what could have happened. 


I got my answer the next morning when I walked out on the back porch and caught an unsuspecting squirrel having his morning breakfast that he had plucked from one of my plants on the table with the 3 Tomato plants (okay 2 plants, and one dead eaten plant).    He took off in a big hurry when the large black dog came running out after him.  I PIN’ed (a blackberry to blackberry communication…thanks to Brendan and Derek for teaching me that little technique) Julie and told her I figured out it has been a squirrel, but I found that a very odd behavior to mutilate only one tomato plant.  I have a ton of squirrels in my yard and this was the first time in 5 months this had occurred.  She responded back to me “that makes sense”. 


I was like “What?”  What about that makes sense?  It makes sense that a squirrel concentrated on eating all the tomatoes off one of my plants (not touching the other two) then when they were all gone he beat the crap out of the plant?  “Why! Why! Why can’t you produce more tomatoes!”  Then he proceeded to tear off all the limbs and gut the middle of the plant?  That is one demented squirrel!  All I can think of is that he has been incarcerated for the past 5 months and that is why it is just now happening.


Anyway, Carson is trying to protect his kingdom from the demented squirrel (DS); however, I noticed this morning we are fighting a losing battle.  Seems DS is a night owl, and Carson, well he sleeps all night and most of the day.


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4 Responses to Demented Squirrel

  1. Jules says:


    I am so excited to see your blog up and going! You are soooo going to love it. It will be the perfect platform for your rantings…er…observations on life. Looking forward to future posts. We will put a link from ours to yours also!


  2. The Dement Squirell says:

    I will get ALL of your tomatoes, every single one of them. Your dog is no match for me. I laugh in his face as I eat your tomatoes and smack your plant with my tail.


  3. Brendan says:

    Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging. I have posted a link to your blog off of our site already. Now you just have to learn how to properly link words or phrases off of your text. If you are using only the wordpress software for your posting, you should look into blogjet…it is awesome and very easy to use.

    Talk with ya soon…

    PS… You never called me back.

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