Road Trip 2006 – Theme Song Needed

I am headed home to Texas!!!  (I woke up this morning, with Texas on My Mind).   I am excited even though it is only until the first of the year (I think).  I will be working remotely from Houston and looking into expanding my companies State & Local government activity.  I will be home for Thanksgiving, Christmas, the white elephant party, the birth of my friend Angie’s 2nd baby, and so much more.  It has been 7 years since I have been in Texas for this long. 

But even more exciting is the Great Road Trip to Texas 2006!  I have to get the Carsonator home and I refuse to fly him (or any dog) in the cargo area of a plane. 

(Did you know back in 2001 a law was passed that required airlines to report all incidents in which pets were harmed or killed during travel.  This had never before been required.  Well if you have a pet and you are contemplating flying them, check this out:

My dear friends Nancy (Sometimes referred to as Fancy…I think we met in 6th or 7th grade) has agreed to fly up here from Florida and embark on a road trip!  Apparently she has tons of vacation time (I have no idea what that feels like!) and she loves the idea of listening to me sing for 24 hours!

My Road Trips

This of course has caused me to reflect on my previous “real” Road Trips I took. (I consider a real road trip when it takes over 1 day of driving to get to your destination).  When I was about 12 my family embarked on one of those incredible painful family vacations.  This time we were going to California and the Grand Canyon.  All I can say, is the trip scared me for my entire childhood, but even worse, I think it scared my brother for his entire life.  We actually left him at a gas station in Arizona.  Yep, that’s right, we left my 7 year old brother at a gas station in Arizona.  How can that happen you ask…I really don’t know.  After getting gas my father went inside to pay.  Mom & I had gone to use the “ladies room” (if you can even call it that…it was one of those early 1980’s outdoor gas stations on the side of the freeway).  When we came back to the car, Rob decided he needed to go to the bathroom, so he runs into the men’s room.  About this time my father comes back, gets in the driver’s seat, starts the car and begins to take off.  About this time, Rob is coming out of the bathroom and sees his parent’s car, pulling out of the gas station and starting to head down the freeway…and he is in the middle of no-where Arizona!   Mom & I were so shocked, we just kept trying to tell my father that Rob was not in the car, but he didn’t fully comprehend.  I am not sure I will ever get the image of poor Rob running after our car going down the freeway!  (Oh man, is it horrible, but it cracks me up just thinking about it!).  Not to worry, most of you know the end of the story; we obviously turned around and picked him up, as he is still with us today. 

The Boston Road Trip

Then there was the great road trip of 1993!  I was at the end of my Junior Year in College, sitting in one of my Political Science classes listening to my Professor talk about how, “by this time you all know what you want to do when you graduate.”  This sent me into a tailspin because at the time I was contemplating something that was MAJOR for me: switching my major from Journalism to Political Science.  So then I felt like I was the only one in class who DID NOT know what they wanted to do with their life (oh how wrong I was..I still know people who don’t know what they want to do with their life!).  So faced with this quandary in my life, I decided to do the only thing that made sense…run!  I went back to my apartment where my roommate Julie was sitting on the couch and said, “Hey Jules, lets go somewhere this summer instead of taking summer school.”  Being as easygoing and carefree as she was, Julie said, “Okay”. 

Needless to say, we actually did take off that summer and we moved to Boston, without jobs (but with a place to live as I just could not move without knowing where we were going to stay!).  (We narrowed it down to Boston via a very scientific method.  I required something near the water, Julie required the East Cost, I required a big city…Boston it was).  This was a HUGE step for me.  If you know me, you know I don’t do things unless they are thoroughly thought out, analyzed, all possible negative scenarios are accounted for and alternate plans are in place, etc etc.  In short I lack spontaneity and I am risk-adverse. 

So we took off for Boston with a neighbor friend of ours Matt Davis (He was really cute…especially with his long hair cut short!)  It was 3 of us in a Ford Escort that barely lifted off the ground because of how much stuff we packed in it.  My father was convinced we were going to get pulled over on our way to Boston because we fit the profile of potential drug runners because Matt had long hair (who said Police don’t use profiling…we never got pulled over and Matt was not a drug dealer).  We took the long way to Boston and spent some time in Florida and Washington D.C.  That entire summer I think we saw 17 states in 4 months. It was a great adventure.

Theme Song Wanted

But the real reason I wrote this long diatribe is because we need a Theme Song for our Road Trip to Texas!  You see, back in 1993, when we drove to Boston..we decided we were going to sing “On the Road Again” every time we got in the car and headed out on our trip (after getting gas, restroom break, stretch your legs break, switch drivers, etc).  So in the beginning, we were singing Willie at the Top of our Lungs: “On the Road Again, Life of Love is Making Music With My Friends, And I Just Can’t Wait To Get On The Road Again.”   But let me tell you, but the time we got to Texas as the end of that summer, we kept to our commitment…but with a lot less gusto: “on the road again, life I …….” (Quiet fade out here before you get to the end of the refrain.)

Seeing as how it has been 13 years, I think I have recovered from mine and Nancy’s Theme Song for the 2006 Road Trip!  I guarentee you that Nancy & I will sing EVERYTIME we get in the car on the way to Texas.  (Nancy…did I tell you we are doing this?)  Nancy loves to sing just as much as I do…but I don’t thinks she’s as good as I am.

Got A Song Suggestion?

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15 Responses to Road Trip 2006 – Theme Song Needed

  1. Angie Morton says:

    The Road Goes on Forever (and the party never ends) by Robert Earl Keen. First one of the top of my head. I’ll keeping thinking…

  2. Angie Morton says:

    Slow Ride by Foghat

  3. Angie Morton says:

    Tiny Dancer by Elton John. I love the bus scene in Almost Famous!

  4. Angie Morton says:

    Or you could go for the obvious like Life is a Highway by Tom Cochran or the recent version by Rascal Flatts.

  5. Michelle McWhinney says:

    Who’s gonna drive you home tonight – The Carrs

  6. Demented Squirrel says:

    I would suggest any of the following:
    “Hang on Little Tomato” by Pink Martini
    “The Great Tomato Blues Package” by Jerry Lee Lewis or Townes Van Zandt- you pick
    “Sally’s Tomato” by Henry Mancini. (I actually change the words to Jen’s Tomato)
    “Cheese Tomato Man” by The Adicts
    “Tomato Fight” by John Lurie
    “Tomato Puddin” by Jeff Daniels
    “Tomato Kiss” by Bill Evans
    “One Ton Tomato” by Crabmeat Thompson

    Just to name a few.

    Just don’t choose anything by the “Squirrel Nut Zippers”… OUCH. What kind of sick and twisted F’ed up name is that for a band?

  7. Jenny Arkinson says:

    Best traveling song EVER… “Going Up the Country” by Canned Heat! There’s always “Take Me Home, Country Roads” by John Denver, too.

  8. jules says:

    Uh duh…I think you will be “Southbound 35” by Pat Green. This is a no brainer.

  9. Deborah "Jack" Kelley says:

    I really think there are only two choices…”God Blessed Texas” by Little Texas or “Jessie’s Girl” by Rick Springfield. 🙂 Love you guys and will be with you in spirit the whole way!

  10. Newman says:

    “Born to Run” by the Boss. Also, I tend to find most songs by AC/DC invigorating.

  11. Nancy says:

    me me me me meeeeeee…. I’m warming up my pipes! Is it okay if I make up words to the songs I don’t know?

  12. Irma says:

    Bon Jovi…”I’m a Cowboy, on a steel horse I ride, and I’m wanted WANTED, dead or alive!” Oh Yeah!

  13. Kerber says:

    I am starting to think we may have to rotate songs at every stop. Put together a list, and see how many we get through. However, I would prefer some knowledge of the words Nancy! Don’t leave me hanging.

  14. melissa o'toole says:

    can’t think of a song at the moment–one will probably pop into my head as i’m drifting off to sleep. just wanted to say hi!! drop me a note–let me know how you’re doing. we were just in texas–just got home the 17th. see ya!!

  15. Otter says:

    Truckers like David Allen Coe!!

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