Wanted Posters went up through out the neighborhood. I woke up this morning to find out my Guard Dog has been sleeping on the job.  See Tomato Plant #2.  DS has started his magic on a 2nd Tomato Plant.  However, I feel I have the upper hand, I took all the tomatoes off the plant.




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3 Responses to WANTED D.S.

  1. April Dlugach Paine says:

    Jen, this blogging thing is what you were born to do! So glad I’ll have a way of keeping up with your Texas journey and every day adventures. LOVE the web address. xoxo

  2. Tomato Plant #2 says:

    Somebody please HELP me! I sit in my pot all day long still as I can be so not attract the demonic attention of that demented squireel. I saw what he did to #! and I am SCARED TO DEATH. Please, someboday please do somethig to help me. The woman who brought me here just pulled off all my fruit!! What did I do to her anyway – I’m just a tomato plant for God’s sake. I am dying a slow and degrading death – please consider this a plea for help. Someone out there has to have a shred of decency…please, please come and rescue me and #3 while she is away.

  3. Kerber says:

    Frankly…these are obviously highclass tomato plants treated very well if they are allowed to Blog during the day!

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