Toasty Buns!!!

I did it!  I bought a new car!  Since I got to DC I have been driving a 1997 Honda Civic with a dent in the right side (small parking garage incident when I first got the car), a strange rattle and a window that did not like to roll down in cold weather.  Don’t get me wrong; PaidFor was a great car, absolutely no mechanical issues, just routine maintenance needed. 

So I went to CarMax and bought a 2006 Toyota Highlander Limited with 15,000 miles on it.  She is a pretty blue color and has leather seats, a sunroof, optional 3rd row seat, and my two favorite features: seat warmers and an upgraded stereo with 8 speakers in the car.  As you can imagine, the toasty buns feature (i.e. seat warmers) comes in very handy on days like today when it is 35 degrees outside when I headed off to work!  But the best is the stereo system, because I can turn it up really loud and sing my heart out. You should have heard Joe Walsh and I signing Rocky Mountain Way yesterday…I am pretty sure we would have won a Grammy for our collaboration.


Don’t worry, as soon as I got home I pulled the CarMax stickers off the car and placed the Texas A&M Association of Former Students sticker prominently on the back.  Want to make sure I represent my people well up here in the nation’s capital.


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6 Responses to Toasty Buns!!!

  1. Irma H. Croteau says:

    CONGRATULATIONS! Gotta love a new car! Of course when I say “love” I mean Love the convenience of a vehicle that is comfortable and you can rely on, a vehicle that will SAFELY get you from point A to point B. NOT “LOVE” as in I’ll fly to Chicago and drive 1300 miles back to Texas just because I fell in “LOVE” over the internet…
    Can’t wait to see it!

  2. Angie Morton says:

    Sweet Jen!!! That will make for a comfortable drive back to Texas. Can’t wait to see you!

  3. angie says:

    you gonna ttake me for a ride?? Can’t wait to see her. Does she have a name yet? MAybe you will find the right name for her on your upcoming “initiation” drive.

  4. Kerber says:

    Great idea…maybe we need a name contest for the new vehicle. Your family was always good at naming cars. I need to get some pictures up there so you can see her personality.

    Irma…Poor Kevin, he flies to Chicago aquires a vehicle he is IN LOVE WITH and then gets to Houston only to spend the rest of the week in the hospital with a gall bladder attack and unable to drive his Love. It sort of seems like a cruel joke.

  5. Irma says:

    Yes…very cruel joke – makes me wonder if driving the 1300 miles somehow screwed up his gall bladder???? I’ll have to look into the possibility that his “LOVE” caused this!

  6. Nancy says:

    She’s a sweet ride… can’t wait to break her in on the open road!

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