What is the attraction of a Bad Boy?

The other day I walked out on my back porch and it seems DS has a girlfriend!  That’s right.  DS was back and this time he brought someone with him.  You should have seen the panic look on his girlfriend when I unexpectedly opened the back door.  DS immediately fled the patio for the trees. But his poor girlfriend was confused and tried to run and hide under the stairs.  As I stepped onto the stairs, she thought it best to follow DS toward the Trees.  My Guard Dog (who has been following behind me) saw DS’s girlfriend take off toward the tree and he leaped from the back patio into the yard and took off like a flash (okay well maybe not a flash, but the leap looked good and he really can run when he wants to).  In the end, there wasn’t a chance he was going to catch DS’s girlfriend.  But at least he gave it a good college try and I don’t think she will be back.  Plus, she didn’t need to be hanging out with that demented, no job, loser of a squirrel anyway!

Please take the time to notice Tomato Plant #1 in the background, just a stem of its former self.  Tomato Plant #2 now has only one remaining long stem.  Also note the plant stem left behind when they fled the scene of the crime.  Is that evidence?  Should I bag that for the trial? 


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1 Response to What is the attraction of a Bad Boy?

  1. Tomato Plant #2 says:

    she’s a slut

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