The Devil Went Down To Georgia

We got on the road by 5:45 a.m. and it was pouring rain!  Luckily we were able to get Carson in the back of the Highlander without having to hoist him.  (Believe it or not with all his girth, he was able to jump in the back.).  The trip was rather uneventful. 

Eventually we put one of the backseats down allowing Carson to come up front.  He loved being up close to us. In fact, all of our stuff was shoved behind the driver’s seat, and Carson had the entire back and 1/2 the 2nd Row seat!  At one point, while going about 2 miles an hour (due to an 18 wheeler accident) Carson decided he wanted to check out the front seat.  Nancy & I were laughing so hard; we could hardly shove him back to the back seat. 

A few quick observations:

  • We saw the world’s largest peach today (no joke, check out the picture.)  I was driving along and said, “Holy Cow…what the hell is that” as I saw a large peach thing come over the horizon.  Nancy quickly identified it as a water tower disguised as a giant peach. 
  • Georgia has the nicest Welcome Center, although we did feel quite welcome in South Caroline where we ate lunch on a picnic bench. But the Georgia Welcome Center was beautifully landscaped.
  • For you Houston girls who wanted to see some of the leaves changing colors, we got some pics for you.
  • I love my vehicle and will never go back to anything less than a V-6.
  • Lots of good singing. If I can figure out how to upload a video of us signing as the landscape goes by, I will. (Debbie for you we were singing Jessie’s Girl.)  (BTW..I should have been a singer.)

We got see Nancy’s sister Regina, watched a little Georgia Bulldog v. Florida Gator football, and ate dinner with our good friends Geneen & Andy at Nancy’s Brother-in-Law’s restaurant Crossroads Grill in Suwanee, Georgia.  (If you are in the area, check it out.  Fabulous food, great price, lovely evening.  Two Thumbs up Ebert & Roper…I mean, Kerber & Saxton.  (Unbiased of course).

Andy & Geneen…we loved seeing you!  Thanks for meeting us for dinner and hanging out afterward. 

Tomorrow: Texas or Bust

Aren’t we pretty as we set off on our Road Trip.

RoadTrip 004

 One more photo of the leaves changing..this was the view from the South Carolina Welcome Center (had to include the cows!).

RoadTrip 017




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2 Responses to The Devil Went Down To Georgia

  1. Geneen says:

    We were so glad to see both you and Nancy! Hope to do it again soon — we had a great time. (We talked about Carson almost the whole way home!)

  2. Angelica says:

    Why does this pic look like my grandmother’s backyard in Pelzer, SC?!!

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