We Made It!

Having technical troubles with the blog and too tired to figure it out tonight.  We had a great time. Made it ot Houston after 14 hours of driving today (okay, and one 45 minute detour..but you will have to hear about that tomorrow).  Lots of stories and pictures to share. Carson was an awesome dog on a long road trip.

Nancy & I are looking forward to 3 days in Houston chilling!

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7 Responses to We Made It!

  1. Irma H. Croteau says:

    Ladies…we’ll have to get together! Have your people call my people – or just call my cell!

  2. Lesley Bond says:

    I still want to get something planned when you can come up to Dallas for a visit……..I love the BLOG!

  3. Tomato Plant #2 says:

    I’m scared – come home and help us!!!

  4. Derek says:


    I know that Grammar is not your thing. I also know that this is unrelated to the thread at hand. However, the mistake is blatant, and I am too lazy to email.

    The title of the blog: “Observations from the Nations Capital” is great. However, I would hope that you’d at least want to get the title of the blog correct – “Observations from the Nation’s Capital” – note the apostrophe.

    Additionally, are you changing the name since you’re no longer there…just wondering.

  5. Kerber says:

    Well at least we know they are teaching you something at Harvard Law! I am not sure it would be my Blog with out some Grammar & Spelling Errors. I am going to have to contemplate if I am going to change the title!

    Thanks for giving me a hard time!

  6. April Paine says:

    Wow, tough crowd. Kerberism isn’t actually a word, but we love it, just like we love any and all Kerberammar & Spelling.

  7. Geneen says:

    Don’t go changin’
    To try and please us …

    … we love you just the way you are.

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