The Great Road Trip of 2006 – Day Two

Day Two of our road trip was a long day…14 hours.  Thank goodness it was Daylight Savings so we gained an extra hour, and we passed into the central time zone…therefore we arrived 2 hours earlier than expected.


We headed out around 5 a.m. on Sunday.  Carson was great. He mainly slept the entire way…actually that is no different then what he normally does.  Whenever we would stop, he would stand up, stretch and then stand in the car, facing the front…waiting for a door to open and let him out.  When we got to Mississippi we decided to stop off at the BeauRivage and contribute to the Mississippi Katrina Rebuilding Fund by spending $20.00 at the casino.  So, we pull into the parking garage and get out of the car.  Carson stands up, stretches, and then is standing facing the front of the car waiting for a door to open.  As we start to walk away from the car, the heavy guilt starts to set in over me.  As we are walking away I keep turning back looking at the car wondering if Carson will be all right.   Nancy was pulling me toward the elevator and kept saying, “Come on…hurry up before he notices”.  And there in the car stood Carson, standing up, facing the front, and waiting…waiting for his mother to come let him out of the car so he could do his business or stretch his legs.  But no, Carson’s mom chooses to go into a smoky casino and play $20.00 with all the old people.  I felt so guilty.  Nancy and I were laughing so hard at the image of Carson…waiting for us to open the door.  What a bad Mom leaving my kid in the car for 45 minutes while I went and gambled…but what is really sad is that we all know someone has probably left their child in the car for real while they went gambling.


I have to say, we were amazed at the devastation still painfully evident in Mississippi.  Mother nature is a powerful beast.  Over a year later, so many places have yet to be restore, rebuilt, or even cleaned up. 


Observations from Day Two:

  • Baptist Love to Travel in Vans:  Have Van Will Travel – The e”VAN”gelizers.


  • Where they really do love their Governor. 
    • Every few miles on the side of the freeway was a big sign saying “We Love XXX for Governor”.  Even when we were in the middle of nowhere…you still had tons of signs stating their Loved their Governor.  We sang a little Sweet Home Alabama as a tribute.
  • Voted: Home of the most disabled abandoned vehicle on the side of the road.
    • We saw tons of vehicles on the side of the road. I guess you just drive your vehicle until it won’t go any more then you leave it on the side of the road.
  • Home of the Fanciest Strip Mall in the Middle of Nowhere.
  • Voted:  Most non-descript landscape from the freeway.


Disabled vehicle #5124 in Alabama



  • Voted:  Crapiest roads on the DC-Texas travel route.
  • Apparently in Louisiana 18 Wheelers like to travel slowly in the left lane, therefore requiring others to pass then on the right.
  • There must be some unwritten rule in Louisiana that you should not use a tow truck, but rather all vehicles should be towed with another working vehicle and “IN TOW” should be written on the furthest back vehicle.
  • Nancy and I also thought that not all of these IN TOW vehicles are disabled.  Perhaps two people are going fishing and they both want their vehicle, so they just tie one two the other and ride together, while towing the second vehicle.
  • Did you know there are NO Sonics in LA?  We drove for 3.5 hours looking for a Sonic.


  • Voted: Most Character At A Welcome Center
  • We were glad to make it to the Great State of Texas!


Texas Welcome Center

Ah yes, I would be remiss if I did not let the Florida Girls know that we did belt out some Jessie’s Girl in memory of you guys!  I even got some video..lets see if I can get it uploaded.  (Disclaimer:  Please remember that we got up at 4 a.m. and all participants in the video were not meant to look their best.)


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