Tomorrow is the Big Day…ELECTION DAY

Okay, here it is. My normal “Don’t Forget to Vote” email.  It is a little late this year as things have been hectic.  Once again, I believe it is very important for you all to get out and vote tomorrow.  Yes, I know, it is not a Presidential Election year (I bet some of you didn’t even know we voted in the interim), but it is a VERY important election year.  Democrats are likely to take control of the House, and some believe the Senate (I say not a chance).  In Texas, you need to make a decision in the Governor’s race.  I am not going to go over all the voter statistics I normally know you should know that the voter turnout is the US is shameful and we should do more to excerise our right to vote (we fought hard for that right and many people do not have it!). 


It was almost a historic election year.  One friend of mine (I won’t name names…but many of you will be able to guess) is very anti-government.  (I told you, I have all types of friends…my favorites are the ones who are NOT just like me!)  He often calls me to complain about everything from gas prices, to Bush’s iraq policy, to border issues.  Naturally I take his complaints and pass them along straight to the top!  Anyway, this friend of mine has NEVER voted!  NEVER!  I know, it kills me too!! Well this year, he was so upset about the Texas Governor’s race he decided he was going to vote for Kinky.  I was so excited!  Unfortunately, he decided this after the voter registration deadline. So, he continues to be the only person I know who has NEVER voted.  Just once in my lifetime, this friend of mine will cast a vote in an election.  It is one of my many goals in life.


Tomorrow please make sure you leave time to vote (between 7a.m. -7 p.m.)  I hear you, I don’t know who to vote for? I don’t know where to go?  What do I need to vote?  Well, that’s why I am here.  Please check out the information below.


Need a little information about the candidates in your races?


Candidate Information by State:


Where do I go to vote tomorrow?


Texas Information:

You need your voter registration card, but if you don’t have it, you need a valid ID. 

You can find more information on what is a valid ID on the Voter 411 website.


For Texas:


Detailed Information for Houston voters:

Click here for Detailed Information for Houston voters.


So with all this information, you really have no excuse. It won’t take you but 5 minutes to go vote.  Additionally for those of you in the Houston, Texas area I will only make one comment.  You are being asked to write in a Republican candidate to replace Tom Delay.  I would ask that you to consider the Democrat Candidate Nick Lampson.  He spent 8 years in Congress before he was ousted 2 years ago.  With the likelyness that the Democrats will gain control of the House of Representatives, Congressman Lampson will be in a good position to provide for Houston since he already has 8 years of Congressional experience.


That’s it for me.  Don’t come home unless you get one of those I VOTED stickers. Make me proud…let me know you have voted.  As you suspect, I voted by Absentee Ballot last week (especially since my vote could be the difference between which party controls the Senate!)

I voted

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6 Responses to Tomorrow is the Big Day…ELECTION DAY

  1. Rob says:

    I love the information however I was absolutely dumbfounded to find that you had posted no information on David Duke….is he not in the running?? LOL

  2. Derek says:

    Holy crap Jen – you did not just endorse Nick Lampson to be MY CONGRESSMAN! Unbelievable. Look, Lampson might be a “conservative democrat” as the campaign he has run is trying to portray him. His voting record from when he was in Congress is “relatively conservative,” but it tended to become more conservative as it got time to be re-elected (shocking I know). For those who care about the immigration issue, this man will not help the situation in Houston (either by increasing enforcement or by creating a worker program that will work for those areas of Texas that might benefit from one).

    Most importantly, however, is that he will be voting to give Democrats controll of the house. This means that far left-winger Nancy Pelosi will be speaker. Charlie Rangel will be running the House Ways and Means Committee (he’s already said he plans on pushing legislation through his committee to raise taxes), John Conyers (who has actively pushed for articles of impeachment regarding Pres. Bush) will be Chairman of the Judiciary Committee. This means that, at the very least, he will have the power to get articles of impeachment to the House Floor if he so desires. Alcee Hastings (a fomer IMPEACHED judge now sitting in Congress), will be Chairman of the House Ethics Committee. None of this even touches on the fact that other “crazy” democrats will be in positions of power.

    The election is projected to be very close in the House. One or two seats might make the difference in control. I am not pleased with how Republicans have goverened the past two years, but I can assure anybody reading this that things are likely to get worse if the democrats take over. I am not a lobbyist like Jen, but I have worked on the Hill and I am an avid studier of politics. Tomorrow, a vote for Lampson will be a vote for these people to take over the House.

    Finally, if you vote in TX-22, you have the chance to do something historic tomorrow. A write-in-candidate has never won an election in Texas. Shelley Sekula Gibbs, according to the Houston Chronicle is running in a dead-heat with Lampson. Your vote can help her get elected (you don’t even have to write her whole name, Gibbs will suffice).

    Obviously, it is pretty clear where I stand here. However, if you have a good reason to vote for Lampson, go ahead and do it. But I would argue that it is not a good idea to be swayed by the logic that “well, the Democrat’s are going to win the House anyway, so I guess I shoud vote for somebody who will have some power to get something done as long as they are in control.”

    Shelley has been an active and productive member of the Houston City Council, and she will certainly have the best interests of TX-22, Houston, and Texas more at heart than Nick Lampson, who is simply an opportunist who moved into TX-22 for the sole purpose of sending himself back to Washington, a place where people from his actual district, TX-1 refused to send him back. The people of TX-22 should not undo the good work the people of TX-1 did in sending this guy packing.

    Jen, we need to talk.

  3. Kerber says:

    First, can everyone imagine what our conversations were like when we lived together?

    You know it is not without great thought that I endorse a democrat. Change of Congress is of great concern to me (especially because as a Republican lobbyist my value decreases). Yes I agree, we as the Republican Party have had some issues lately. And yes, the idea of Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House scares the CRAP out of me (if we get lucky there is a coop from the moderates to oust her).

    Frankly, I blame this whole mess in Texas on your former boss. When he found out his name could not be removed from the ballot and another Republican candidate put on the ballot, he should have agreed to serve at the pleasure of his constituents, if reelected. He should have run, and then we would not be in this mess! But now, in a solidly Republican district we have a write-in candidate to elect. Only 6 write-in candidates in history have ever been elected to Congress. At least with Lampson, he is moderate, he has seniority, and we might be able to recoup some of the advantages we had when the Majority Leaders represented the Texas-22. Can you imagine the difference in status the TX-22 district is going to see going from being represented by the House Majority Leader to a freshman minority?

    Let’s also be fair, Mr. Lampson lost his seat due to redistricting when his district was drastically changed. Lately I have been working with his replacement in Congress, and frankly I have some significant concerns. (I could go into more detail on this topic, but not in a public blog.) The TX-22 should be Republican and its our own damn fault. So if the write in candidate makes it, fine. But then we are being represented by a freshman in the House of Representatives which is likely to be controlled by the Democrats, don’t’ come whining to me about missing funding and area projects being cut.

    Yes, I hate to admit it Derek, but I can concede that the D’s will control the House. Please lord make me wrong! I did my part by absentee voting in Virginia for the Republicans to retain control. I don’t believe it will be a runaway election where the D’s take 20+ seats, but they will take control. It will be a small margin. I do not believe they will get the Senate. Either way, the margin of control is too small to make any real difference. Just more gridlock and hopefully some exercise of veto power from the President should we get in trouble.

    So Derek, I agree with you for the most part. I am available to discuss this whenever you are not studying. 🙂

  4. angie jackson says:

    holy crap…Jen and Derek would have conversations that I would never be able to follow, I fear!!!

    I know we aren’ tmentioning names here, but I would like to add that I am very proud of that “nameless” person who decided to vote, however, missed his deadline!

  5. April Sanders says:

    WOW…. I’m with Angie, I don’t know that I could follow the two of you either… but I get the general idea.

    So Kerber, I have not read your whole blog… just this latest post. Are you back in Houston? We need to get together sometime.

    And yes, I’m planning to leave work a little early and meet Jenn at the polls to vote around 6:15 tonight. I’ve followed the govenor race and know who I want to vote for there. However, I always appreciate the info you post regarding where to find other candidate info so I can make a somewhat informed decision.

  6. Irma says:

    Holy Cow…If I didn’t know any better I’d think the two of you were passionate lovers! The “love to hate you/hate to love you” type!

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