Recovery…A Not So Long Process

Okay, well my mourning took a little less time then expected.  I started to reflect on the events of last night and I did some reading.  Naturally this cheered me up.  After a closer look at the election results I found that Republicans won most close races despite a terrible national environment, a true testament to our efforts.  Many races the GOP should have lost last night were won or lost narrowly. Last night would have been much uglier, but for the strong voter turn out effort.

Decided by two percentage points or fewer:

    23 races, combined margins, 73,753

    14 wins, 9 losses

Decided by fewer than 5,000 votes:

    19 races, combined margins, 50,544

    13 wins, 6 losses

Decided by fewer than 4,000 votes:

    15 races, combined margins, 32,452

    10 wins, 5 losses

Decided by fewer than 3,000 votes:

    9 races, combined margins, 11,368

    6 wins, 3 losses

Decided by fewer than 2,000 votes:

    7 races, combined margins, 6,392

    4 wins, 3 losses

Decided by fewer than 1,000 votes:

    4 races, combined margins, 1,886

    3 wins, 1 loss


That’s pretty impressive. 


I have decided to let the Democrats lead, it is much harder then it looks.  Many of the Democrats that won yesterday were centrists.  You have 2 years to prove yourself…and then we have the election that really matters.  Plus, a situation that forces more bipartisanship is never bad.


I want to thank both Nancy & George for stopping by and commenting on the blog.  Nancy, you whack job, try to keep it together and keep your hatred for the other half below the radar.


And Derek, I don’t feel bad about advocating my vote in the TX-22.  It was the right thing to do. It was not done based on earmarks (you are so jaded already!), but rather based on my personal interaction with the Congressman.  We were not going to lose the house by just one person. He is a good man and he wants the best for this area.  He has some policies I do not agree with, but do most Republicans.  Had he been a whack job like the new speaker, I would have advocated everyone just write in my name. 


Until Nov ’08….

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5 Responses to Recovery…A Not So Long Process

  1. Derek says:

    We could have lost by one Jen…and then wouldn’t you have felt bad? Additinally, Shelley lost a write in race by about 15,000 votes. That’s quite and impressive showing and not a lost cause when Lampson was polling in the low 40s (he ended up w/ 52).

    In any case, I am sure that we all know that well over 15,000 TX-22 voters read this blog. If you got to enough of them and we had lost the House by 1, I think you would have felt pretty silly.

    Nick Lamspon can have his term…I’ll be home by then to take mine.

  2. Nancy Pelosi says:

    I’m just really excited for a new improved reason to waer my designer suits…

  3. Greg says:

    Jen, to bad for the GOP! After the disastrious 6 years this country has already gone through thank god for the changing of the guard in both the House and Senate. And while I’m at it I think it is time we have a major change to the constitution. The fact the the Electorate College is the final say for the presidency is crap! Just because Most people get off the boat on the east coast or are smart enought to migrate south where the warm weather is shouldn’t give the right for one state to have any more say who the president is then another. This country needs to go to a majority rules election. That way we can elect more intelligent leaders like Bill Clinton……….and soon to be Hilary too, based on what the citizens of this entire nation want not just part of it! Everytime Democrats take office the economy runs smoothe and price gouging on everyday necessities such as gas is controlled. So you can sit there and say oh, this republican lost by only 2% and that one lost by a few votes all you want! The bottom line is the people have spoken…………….And its very clear what they said………..DEMOCRAT! GO HILARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Kerber says:

    Good try. At first I was like who the hell is this obviously confused person wanting to overthrow the Constitution of the United States of America which has guided this country for 230 years. Then I realized it was the John Kerry fan from houston…and I got a good laugh.

    GO KERRY! (after you duck tape is removed). 🙂

  5. Andrew says:


    I think you are overlooking the most important part of this election. Heath Shuler’s name will now be preceded by Congressman, which scares the living hell out of me. It just shows you, elections come down to a few things, sports and religion. Lynn Swann, only had one, Heath…excuse me…Congressman-elect Shuler had both, as an ordained baptist minister. What the hell is the world coming to? By the way, the fact that we are now one pretzel and a hunting trip away from a female President, I plan on leaving the country, I’m going to New Mexico (cause the old one is just like Texas!).

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