Isn’t Anybody Up on American History

Did anyone notice John “Bluto” Blutarsky actually responded to the Blog regarding the real life Frat Boys suing over their portrayal in the movie Borat.  If you don’t remember whom John “Bluto” Blutarsky is I suggest you run right out and buy (or rent…but really buying is a better value…plus, it is a funny funny movie well worth owning) National Lampoons Animal House!


It was the movie of a generation and one of John Belushi’s finer roles (although Blues Brothers really ranks up there as well).  It popularized wild Fraternity events and Toga Parties!


I just wanted to leave you with one of my favorite quotes from the movie (I am particularly fond of the rationalization). 

Otter: Ladies and gentlemen, I’ll be brief. The issue here is not whether we broke a few rules or took a few liberties with our female party guests — we did. But you can’t hold a whole fraternity responsible for the behavior of a few sick, perverted individuals. For if you do, then shouldn’t we blame the whole fraternity system? And if the whole fraternity system is guilty, then isn’t this an indictment of our educational institutions in general? I put it to you, Greg … isn’t this an indictment of our entire American society? Well, you can do what you want to us, but we’re not going to sit here and listen to you badmouth the United States of America! Gentlemen!

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