A Lesson In Faith

Last Wednesday Julie and I were scheduled for a nice relaxing message at the Urban Retreat in Houston when our plans got changed at the last minute and we spent the day at M.D. Anderson getting Julie’s blood work done and learning about her next round of cancer treatment.  You guys already know how amazing Julie is, but I got to see her in action on Wednesday. 


We spent a fair amount of our time with her friend Marilyn (who is going through the same thing as Julie) and her husband Jim.  Marilyn was about to go in for her first new round of chemo treatment.  Marilyn doesn’t have the same up beat attitude as Julie (I would venture to say not many cancer patients do).  She is scared and struggling with her faith as she battles this nasty monster.  Then there is Julie, sitting by Marilyn’s side, telling her she needs to have faith, letting her know she is going by her side the whole way…telling her to pray, letting Marilyn know that Julie and her army of ants are praying for her.  You could tell how much it meant to Marilyn and Jim, whose home and family are in Kansas, to have someone there by their side in this strange town.  We only left when Marilyn got called back to the Dr. office.  And when they walked away, I saw a smile from both of them.


We walked away and I told Julie that she probably doesn’t realize how amazing she is…not many people would exhibit that type of compassion for others when they have so much going on in their life.  Here is Julie, in the battle of her life, having a rough week with the news that we needed to switch to a more aggressive form of treatment, and she is more concerned with making sure others are okay and that they have faith to guide them through this time. 


I am struggling with faith sometimes; unable to fully comprehend why the Lyons family has to go through this.  But I turn it over to God and hope he shows me the answer eventually.  Then there is Julie, who has so much faith, hope and courage, and such an infectious up-beat personality that she is giving other people faith and hope.  And I wonder if that is not part of this whole lesson we are to be learning…









Nancy Saxton & Julie (with the scarf Nancy made on the Road Trip from D.C.).

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2 Responses to A Lesson In Faith

  1. Geneen says:

    Great post, Jen. Someday, perhaps we’ll understand why things like this happen. In the meantime, hold on to that faith that God has a plan. He does. The pieces may not make sense now, but someday, in His time, God will reveal the puzzle.

  2. The Hayleys says:


    Can you tell us Julie’s room number so we can have some flowers or something delivered.

    Also, what is their address? What part of town do they live in now?

    Billie and Jerry Hayley

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