Music Taste of The Younger Generation

I absolutely love how children’s personalities come out at such a young age.  As you know I have been getting to spend sometime with my friend Julie & Brendan’s kids.  We have been spending a fair amount of time in the car between going to and from school and our occasional trips to the hospital. 


Now one thing many of you know is that I have sworn off two things when it comes to kids and car rides:

1.      I am not driving a minivan (unless I have to borrow someone else’s car…so far that has not happened.

2.      I do not like playing “children’s” music on the radio…I like my music.


Yall also know that I love my music in the car and fancy myself quiet the car singer!  So, as you would imagine, I have been spending a lot of time with Hallie & Jackson exposing them to my music (and my singing…no complaints…yet!).  What I think is the most fascinating thing, is how their music taste comes out at such an early age.


Jackson is 3 years old and I am constantly hearing this little voice from the back seat say, “Louder…Louder Aunt Jen.”  Yep, he is all boy!  He likes his music loud (so do I, but not with the kids in the car!).  I also often hear him say…”I want to hear the Rock It Song” (We Will Rock You by Queen).”  When we are listening to my Ipod, he loves the hard rock songs!  Anything with some good drums, maybe an electric guitar, I get this little voice from the back, “Turn it up…Louder” or “What’s the name of this song?”


Hallie is a different story.  She doesn’t care for the hard rock songs.  (Sometimes we have a thrown down in the back seat over what song we will listen to next…I always win that one.)   She loves music that tells a good story.  She also likes it loud so she can try to figure out what they are saying.  She is always listening and asking what does this mean, what does that mean.  She gets really frustrated if she can’t understand what the song is saying.  It is amazing how many songs seem rather inappropriate for kids! J  Maybe that’s why they have kids music.  You should have seen me in the car trying to explain to Hallie the Dixie Chick’s song, “I’m Not Ready To Make Nice.”  (It is the song about the remarks Natalie made overseas and how she is not going to apologize.)  Hallie was asking, “What did she say?”  “Why doesn’t she want to apologize?”  Ahhh, it is so complicated!  🙂

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3 Responses to Music Taste of The Younger Generation

  1. Geneen says:

    You can certainly weave a tale, Jen! What a cute story!

  2. Rob says:

    Louder Louder….turn this one up! WOW What a Flashback….and just think…..they all used to be the tha “BOOMB”…

    band aid do they know its christmasAdd to My Profile | More Videos

  3. Kristi says:

    Never say never ;). I now drive a mini van and have found myself listening to kids’ songs even when they are no longer in the car out of habit. Mine love rock too which keeps you sane on some road trips.
    Kristi Haggard

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