I Just Don’t Know Anymore

So I go to check-in at the San Diego Airport and I am behind a bunch of military boys clearly shipping out to somewhere.  (My guess is that this is a common occurrence here in San Diego).  These boys have LOTS of stuff, including their guns, locked in large gun cases.  The have their backpacks that they wear with all there stuff attached.  The backpacks are so heavy the military guys have to help the Continental staff put them on the conveyer belt for inspection.  Because they are active duty military Continental waives the excess weight baggage fee.


I started to pay attention when it seemed to be taking a really long time to check the military boys in for their flight.   It seems they have too many bags (more than 2 each) and continental would need $150.00 per extra bag.  Well just between the 3 boys in front of me they had 5 extra bags (4 of those were guns!).  They of course did not have $750 to give Continental, nor did they have a credit card.  So they are sitting there trying to call their Commander to ask how they are expected to ship all their gear.  The Continental attendants were telling them to just call a parent and get a credit card number.  WHAT???? “Hi Ms. Smith, we know your son is shipping out overseas to fight today, and we thank him for his service, but in addition to risking his life serving in his countries military, we need an extra $150 so he can get his extra bag of gear on the plane.”


Granted, they had a lot of stuff, but you mean to tell me Continental has not figured out a policy for active duty military being shipped out?  Do you NOT expect them have more than 2 bags?  Don’t you think Continental should have a corporate policy that increases the number of allowable checked baggage in certain circumstances? I would certainly think military boys shipping out would qualify for one of those “circumstances”.  And it is not like they are just going on a short trip!  You should have seen all the military issued equipment they had!  It isn’t like they were “pretending” to be military boys.


I have to wonder how much patronage I want to give a company that is more concerned with collecting funds for extra baggage then doing the right thing.

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3 Responses to I Just Don’t Know Anymore

  1. llmsa2603 says:

    Please tell me that you are going to write corporate! Im SOOOO PO’ed just reading that Blog….ok….I need to go check my Blood Pressure!

  2. Rob says:

    Ok I know I have made a comment already….and I am sure you are still sleeping but that BLOG really has me furious. I am leaving all the Contact Info for you on here. I am really upset….maybe I need sleep or something. It really pisses me off especially since we use and preach Continental Airlines. I think you should pull your strings if you have any and maybe write a letter. If that does not go anywhere I think we should go down to corporate since it is here in Houston…as a matter of fact lets go today. I have some contacts and pull with some large groups in Houston including the Houston Firefighters Local 341….3000+ strong!!….c’mon Jen lets rock tha boat!!

    Headquarters Location
    Continental Airlines’ headquarters is located in downtown Houston, Texas. Please note that we can only accommodate visitors with scheduled appointments.
    Physical Address
    1600 Smith Street
    Houston, Texas 77002
    United States
    Mailing Address
    Continental Airlines
    P.O. Box 4607
    Houston, Texas 77210-4607
    United States

    Military & Government Contact Information

    For questions or feedback regarding Continental’s services for the military and government, contact us by using the information below. Please make sure you visit the Military & Government section of this Web site before contacting us.

    Military Leave Fare Desk

    Hours of Operation 7:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. Central time, Monday – Sunday

    900 Grand Plaza Dr.
    Houston, Texas 77067
    832.235.2144 (Fax)

    Hours of Operation 7:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Central time, Monday –
    Friday, closed on Holidays

    G. J. Sznajder – Manager, Military & Government Planning/Sales
    713.324.2275 (Fax)

    Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Central Time

    G. J. Sznajder – Manager, Military & Government Planning/Sales

    Online contact form (recommended) or use gsznaj@coair.com

    Postal Mail

    G. J. Sznajder – Manager, Military & Government Planning/Sales
    Continental Airlines, Inc.
    1600 Smith, Dept HQSNS
    Houston, Texas 77002

  3. Debbie says:

    Unbelievable!! I would love to hear Continental’s explanation for that one! Do you know whatever happened? If they actually had to pay money to get on their “luggage” so they can go defend us, our freedom and our rights, our society and/or businesses need to do some SERIOUS re-evaluating of their priorities. What an INSANE policy! I think I might have been tempted to either say something right then, or give at least one of them the $150 to get on the plane. CRAZY!!

    I am totally in on rocking the boat. I am sure if I told my brother about this one he would gather his federal agent buddies and his Marine buddies to help make some serious noise!

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