An Ode To Chubby Soda’s

Day 1


The first major crisis of the day started shortly after breakfast when the children realized they were thirsty.  They immediately ran out to the fridge in the garage and HORROR…there was only one Blueberry Blast “Chubby” soft drink.  Yes, that’s right…the soft drink name is Chubby…I didn’t make that up.  You see, Papa Koch likes to buy the kids these fun colored small bottles of soda water with all types of flavors.  But any good child knows the best ones are the nasty tasting blue ones!  And on Monday morning, there was only one 8oz bottle of Chubby Blueberry Blast Soda. 


So being the one who ran out to the fridge first and being oldest, Hallie claimed the glorious drink for herself.  Naturally, Jack starts crying because he wants one too.  Because Hallie is so well mannered she offers to half it with Jack (okay it was at my prompting…but she didn’t argue with me.).  So they both start to drink their soda with the requested candy cane looking straws.  You would think all was well..both children have 4 oz of Blueberry Blast Chubby Soda that they are drinking through a candy cane straws…what more could a kid want.


But for Jackson, this was a crisis.  You see, when faced with only having 4 oz of Chubby available (instead of the normal 8 oz), he decides to do what any man would do….with his mouth on the candy cane straw jetting up from his full 4 oz of  Chubby soda he starts to cry, “Itttttttttts   Nnnnooooottttttt   Eeeennnnnnoooouuuuugggghhhhh.”  I quickly explained to him that if it were up to me we would drink the lovely sugar filled Chubby sodas all day long…but Papa Koch brings them and I don’t know where to find them.  (It actually took all I could not to laugh…it was just such a cute reaction.)


Crisis Averted


Funny thing is, it was enough. In fact, there is a little bit of left over Blueberry Blast Chubby soda in the fridge right now.  (I even tried it since it evoked so much emotion…really horrible!)


P.S.  Wait till I fill you in on the trip to get a photo with Santa and our trip Ice Skating with April & Jen…at the Mall…7 days before Christmas.  Yes, Bravery was our name, and Santa was our Mission.  Tomorrow.  I feel I must sleep while I can.


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2 Responses to An Ode To Chubby Soda’s

  1. Fancy says:

    Jenn – sounds like you’re doing a great job as a single mom! You definitely have a special gift!

  2. Julie says:

    I can’t beleive you tried the Chubby! I have never had any inclination to try one. You are braver than I.


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