Returning to the Nations Capital

Yep, some of you doubters who thought I would stay in Texas once I got here, you lose the bet (if there was one.)  I have to return to D.C. the week of January 15.  You see, I was unable to convince the President to move Congress to Texas, so I must return.  Believe it not, Congress has decided that they could actually work 4 out of 5 days in D.C. this year. 

I will fly up there Jan 15–17, and then fly back to Houston.  Rob & I (and Carson) will start our Road Trip back to D.C. on Thursday, January 18.  Rob goes on his 5 day shift change starting on the 18th so he has agreed to make the lovely drive back.

Below are a few things that I had forgotten about Houston:

  • When you don’t get a freeze, you still have mosquitos.  So yes, it is normal to have Mosquitos in November.
  • Yes, you can have 90% humidity in December, we had it today.
  • I do LOVE 70 & 80 degree weather for Christmas.  I believe everyone should be able to wear shorts and flip flops in Winter.  A White Christmas is for fools…or people who don’t work and have someone else to shovel their cars out and clear their streets…perhaps those people even work from home or have chauffeurs. 
  • I forgot that it is normally for most things to be 30–60 miles away from you.  And yes, you do that drive just to get a haircut, see friends, or go shopping. 
  • Gas is cheap in Texas.
  • Downtown Houston skyline is the best I have ever seen, especially at night.
  • People are serious about the X-mas decorations for their House and Yard!
  • It is not appropriate for me to Honk my horn and yell at bad drivers here.  They don’t expect it. 
  • I had forgotten how RIDICULOUS the traffic has gotten in Clear Lake.  Too many people!
  • I miss hanging out with my old friends, my brother and my cousins.
  • There isn’t much food here that isn’t fattening or bad for you…but damn it tastes good. (Ever had a Kolache?)
  • Houston really isn’t that pretty…Large Billboards do ruin the scenic view.
  • You just don’t walk as much here as you do in D.C., unless you are purposely exercising.
  • The men really are better looking in Texas.

See Yall in D.C. mid January.  But I will still be making frequent trips to Texas and perhaps may even live here in the next few years.

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1 Response to Returning to the Nations Capital

  1. Rob says:

    You forgot the most important one of them all….”Everything really is Bigger in Texas”…..well atleast that is what my little Gay friend Armando says all the time!! I still don’t know what the hell he is talking about….matter of fact that guy really creeps me out! O’well see ya tomorrow!

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