Everything is Bigger in Texas

On such a day I felt we needed a little something funny as well.  As many of you know my brother bought a condo and has been moving in slowly.  He only has a small car so he sometimes borrows his friends truck..  Now this is a Texas Big*** Truck.  I just had to share the photos with my “Yankee” friends (that is what my Texas friends call anyone who lives outside of the great state of Texas (unless of course you were born here…then you have a waiver to live where ever you want and still be a Texan)).  Don’t forget to check out the video of Rob and Nancy getting in the truck. It’s pretty darn funny!



We were laughing so hard at Nancy trying to get in the truck!


Can you see Rob waiving from behind the truck.  Did I mention that my brother is 6 foot something?

Here you go, Rob getting into the Truck…Very funny!

Last one, Nancy getting into the Big Truck

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