A 6 Year Old’s Obsession

I often joke with my friends stuck in a car with me that I don’t know what they did wrong.  It seems God gave me a passion for singing, but he left me tone deaf and gave me no rhythm.  One of my favorite things to do is crank up the stereo and belt out some sort of song that I claim has, “High Sing Ability.”  The only problem is, it is rather painful for those in the car with me. 


I used to be shy about it and only sang in the car around people I am comfortable with.  Not any more.  I once had a friend turn the radio down while we were driving on the freeway and he said, “It goes down right there (meaning the song notes go down).”  And I said, “I know.”  “Well then you need to take your singing voice down a note there,” he exclaimed like I was stupid.  I replied, “Duh, I am.”  That was when I found out I was tone deaf.  I sounded good to me!  


Anyway, my singing has gotten much better in my older years (at least to my fine tuned ear).  This love of music has rubbed off on Hallie & Jackson since we spend a bit of time in the car each week.  So Hallie & Jack have found songs that they just adore.  And like kids, they have to listen to them over and over and over and over and over!  I finally made them each their own CD so they can listen to the songs at home by themselves.  (BTW, Jackson’s favorite song is a toss up between “Smoking In The Boys Room” or “Pink Cadillac”. 


Hallie is stuck on a song called “Traveling Soldier” by the Dixie Chicks (yes I know, many of you refuse to listen to the DC.  I am sure some of you are surprised that I listen to them…being political and all.  But I do, and I love them.  I don’t get my politics from my musicians and I don’t get my music from my Presidents. I enjoy them each for their talents. I would not elect the Natalie to High Office, nor would I buy George W. Bush’s greatest hits CD.)  She is so much in love with the song…she has to play it repeatedly.  We actually had to drive 50 minutes alternating Traveling Soldier, Pink Cadillac, and Smoking in the Boys Room (Although Traveling Soldier was every other song because the others were Jack’s song.).  Hallie even makes poor Jackson act out the part of the Traveling Soldier returning home (don’t worry, she doesn’t realize he dies…she thinks he comes home).


So you understand where I am coming from when I say I cannot listen to Traveling Soldier any more.  So, when in the car, Hallie puts on her headphones and sings it the top of her lungs.  I had to share this video with you because it cracks me up. 



This is but one of the many things I am going to miss when I return to D.C.

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  1. Angie Morton says:

    Too cute!!

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