Day 2


The Trip is going great. The drive through South Carolina and North Carolina is very scenic.  If I were to ever move (and it wasn’t back to Texas for some reason) I think the only other states I would consider are North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida (but that’s only because of my Florida girlfriends). 


We were making good time this morning until Rob noticed an unmarked police car accelerating fast behind us.  Yep folks, that’s right, we got pulled over by Sergeant Cobb with the South Carolina Department of Public Safety.  We were doing 85 in a 60.  Now in our defense, it has just gone down to 60, and the place we pulled over for our discussion with Sergeant Cobb, there was a sign right in front of us that the speed limit was going back to 70!  He was very nice and the whole ticket incident was quiet pleasant.  He even informed us that we can choose to pay the ticket or not.  However he did want to advise us that should we decide not to pay it, our license would be immediately suspended and a note sent to our home state.  What was even more interesting about the ticket, is you are told you can mail in your fine, however there is no mailing address or phone number on the ticket.

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