State of the Union Address

I am so sorry! I have been completely remiss on my annual Don’t Forget To Watch the State of the Union email.  By this time I would hope my friends are tried of hearing this from me and have caught at least 2 of the past 6 SOU addresses.  (It would make me proud if you guys were batting over 50% but I know it puts many of you asleep.) 

As you can imagine I have been busy which is why this email is late and short.  Tonight will be interesting to watch. President Bush will faces his toughest audience since he took office with the Democrats controlling both chambers.  He is going to have to work harder for applause. 


As many of you know from my past houndings…the SOU outlines the legislative agenda for the year.  We will see if comes to the middle or even the left to propose things that both Republican’s and Democrats can come together on and actually get passed in the next two years. 


Things to Watch:

  • Again I always tell you to watch and see who is sitting around the First Lady. These are very important people and represent the policy priorities of the President. 
  • Do the Democrats stand when the President walks into the room?  Just before Nixon was impeached, many Democrats refused to stand when he walked into the room.  Hopefully we are not at that point.  Whether you like him or not, he is only the 43rd man  in our history to be elected the President of the United States of America….that has to invoke some respect.  
  • Will there be booing?  On occasion you can hear boos coming from the Chamber…which I think is crazy.  We are not at a football game.  These are elected officials whom I believe owe the American public a certain sense of decorum.  How can I expect you to work together for the good of me, my family and my community if you boo  the President?  Booing is not acceptable, unless you are in 5th grade.

Oh yes..and if you are really wanting to learn about your government the 2007 STate of the Union Policy Initiative book that includes all the SOU fact sheets is available on the White House website in PDF Format.  (From this you will see legislation that will be pushed this year….will it go anywhere…only time will tell).  

The State of the Union fact sheets are also available individually by topic in HTML format:

OVERVIEW FACT SHEET: The 2007 State Of The Union Address

ENERGY: Twenty In Ten: Strengthening America’s Energy Security

HEALTH CARE: Affordable, Accessible, And Flexible Health Coverage

NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND: Building On Results: A Blueprint For Strengthening NCLB

IMMIGRATION: President Bush’s Plan For Comprehensive Immigration Reform

HIV/AIDS: Leading The Worldwide Fight Against HIV/AIDS

MALARIA: The President’s Malaria Initiative Is Saving Lives

STRENGTHENING OUR MILITARY: Strengthening Our Military

SPENDING REFORMS: Reforms To Spend Tax Dollars Wisely

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