I have to say, I thought it was one of his best.  And whether you like Nancy Pelosi or not, it still gave me chills to witness history as the first woman Speaker of the House called to order the chamber for the President’s State of the Union address.  Its about damn time! 

I think Bush might like this moderate Congress (for a little while).  Their view on immigration reform is more in line with his.  Everybody is looking for some good legislative wins before the 2008 Presidential race.  Could I be wrong? Might we actually get something done and will the next two years befilled with bipartisanship with politicans working for the good of us common citizens?  I doubt it, but I am willing to let them try. 

I appreciated Bush’s moderate tone and his middle of the isle proposals.  I thought everyone acted respectful and I didn’t hear any boo’s! I didn’t even see Ted sleeping! He hit on energy, employment, healthcare, defense and the war.  I thought the end was great.  And what a better man to applaud then the New York subway hero.  May we all live our lives as selfishly as this man and with his compassion for total strangers.

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