The Cross Breeding of Our Fruits & Vegetables…Have We Gone Too Far???

The question needs to be asked…now that scientific advances allow us to determine the genetic makeup of everything, are we going to far when we start cross breeding our fruits and vegetables?


I first heard of this phenomenon when a Texas A&M professor produced a Maroon Carrot.  Now I did not object at that point because being an Aggie, we prefer things Maroon over burnt-orange (believe it or not this was not done as a tribute to the Professors school, but rather for health reasons).  This same professor also created the Texas Sweet Onion or the 1015 as it is known.  It’s a milder onion and supposed to not make you cry!


Well it turns out there is a Vegetable & Fruit Improvement Center  at Texas A&M University that simply concentrates on the development of new fruits and vegetables with improved nutrition and health benefits.  (Perhaps this can be one of the new fun facts you learned today).


The whole reason I bring this question is up is I was at Wegmans grocery store (an amazing East Coast grocery store, much like the Central Market) when I passed a sign that said: Raspberry Tangerines.  I had to stop and do a double take.  It sounded wonderful…raspberries and tangerines…that’s a nice mix.  So I bought some.  They look just like a tangerine, until you open them up and they are raspberry red inside.  And they are delicious!


So, as far as I am concerned…keep cross breeding our Fruits & Vegetables. May I request a Banberry or Strawnana so I don’t have to keep buying Bananas and Strawberries to have my morning breakfast shake. 

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7 Responses to The Cross Breeding of Our Fruits & Vegetables…Have We Gone Too Far???

  1. David Sutherland says:

    I found your page while Google’ing for “cross breeding fruit” — I am trying to find out if it is possible to cross a pomegranate + and a peach.

    That sounds really crazy… but I would love to have Pomegranate flavored Peaches.


  2. Katelynn Bond says:

    mmm Pomegranate flavored peach 🙂

  3. candiace kirk says:

    Wow…now tht i thought about it…it is kind of a great idea and not such a great idea @ the same time…we r cross breeding everything now…and honestly if god didnt make it tht way than its probably a good reason why he didnt and why we shouldnt make it tht way…i heard tht u can now choose the sex of ur unborn child…which is wrong in so many ways…and now cross breeding our friuits and veggies? Wow

  4. candiace kirk says:

    Wow 😮

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  6. newscenia says:

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  7. Papa Joe says:

    The only way to a pomegranate flavored peach is through Genetic Engineering ( mmmm-unhealthy GMOs Yummm!).

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