All Hail The Electric Blanket

For those of you so repulsed by the fleece unitard you will be happy to know that for the first time ever, I invested in an electric blanket this weekend.  It is a queen sized electric blanket with a pre-heat setting and 20 different heat settings (1–20).

 I was so very excited for my first night’s sleep with an electric blanket that as soon as I got home I started working on proper placement of the blanket.  I secured it on top of the soft Egyptian cotton sheets but just under my warm down comforter.  (I think to fully appreciate my need for the electric blanket you have to understand that my bed rests on two outside walls of the house.  I think it is pretty safe to say that in the 1940’s when this house was built…insulation was not what it is today.  Needless to say, the walls are freezing and so am I!)

So then, just before it was time to go to bed I fired up the electric blanket. It has a pre-heat setting.  I set it on 4 and then hit pre-heat.  It was so nice and toasty when I climbed into bed.  I fell asleep and woke up in the middle of the night feeling a bit I had to turn it down to 2.  Then of course I could not go back to sleep because I kept wondering…if it gets that hot on 4…who uses 20 and how hot must that be?


BTW Weather men are worked into a frenzy about the Big Winter Storm of 2007 heading this way starting early tomorrow.  Naturally I have kept Julie abreast of this as she loves weather events as much as the weather men.  Yesterday I even got an email from Arlington County sending me a winter storm warning. I was a bit disappointed when I woke up this morning to find out they are only talking about 2–4” (Can you tell I have been here to long!).  But now it appears that this might be an ice storm…which is much worse then a snow storm.  If the blog goes on black out for a few days then you will know it was a true Winter Storm. 


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1 Response to All Hail The Electric Blanket

  1. Irma says:

    How so very cozy! And much better than that thing you called the unitard. I am a horrible sleeper – that thing would have ended up twisted around my neck and might have suffocated me! Electric blankets – hmmmm – I may have to buy one for my side of the bed since usually when I’m freezing and seek the comfort of my hubby – he’s sweaty!

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