Winter Weather Tips

I learned something new today.  The Federal Government closed at 2 p.m. today (which means we closed at 2 pm…but I didn’t head home until after 3) because of the bad weather.  (It has been snowing today but it has started sleeting and icing over…as I am learning apparently an ice storm is much worse then a snowstorm).  As I traveled the 8 miles home (never making it over 5 miles an hour) I was able to observe my surroundings.  I saw 2 accidents in which a vehicle had lost control (presumably from the slick roads) and I started to notice that cars in the parking lots and in drive ways on my way home all had their windshield wipers propped up away from the window.  It looked like the vehicles were standing at attention.  As I started to maneuver down my slick street I noticed most of my neighbors also had their windshield wipers at attention. 


So I called my DC winter weather resource, my cousin Kristi, and asked is there was something I should know about an ice storm (we have never had one while I have been in D.C.).  So, 7 years and 34 days after arriving to this winter wonderland I find out that during an ice storm, you should put your windshield wipers away from the glass so they don’t freeze to the glass!  Otherwise it makes it harder to separate your windshield wipers from your window.




So How Cool Does Fancy Girl Look Now???


I am thinking about how much money I could make if I put together a little resource guide for people moving from non-snow areas to the East Coast.  Just a little resources manual with all the things I have learned:  the windshield wiper tip, hot water does not work on ice up here, snow shovels are not just a ploy by the shovel industry to make you own more than one shovel, pashmina scarves are merely for decoration and provide no warmth during a real winter, never take a parking spot that someone else has shoveled, snow shoes are a must, hats are not just a fashion accessory, and so much more.


Can you see the little bit of snow on Carson’s nose…he loves to eat the snow…the white snow not the yellow snow.

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  1. Mom says:

    Fancy Girl looks good in the snow!

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