Good News & Bad News

The good news is the storm wasn’t too bad, we never lost power, most things are shut down today, and we only had about 3.5” of snow, sleet and a bit of ice on top.


The bad news is we had about 3.5” of snow and sleet topped off with some ice and I can’t get out my front door.  That’s right, I’m stuck in my house.   I tried to open the screen door outside my front door but the snow has blocked it.  This typically happens and I just give it a good push and the nice fluffy snow easily moves aside.  Well, we have the nice fluffy snow, but it has a layer of ice on top of it.  So there is no easy moving of this block of ice.  



See how far I was able to open the door.  Good news is I can get out the back door.  


Here are a few photos for you.


Fancy Girl with a bit of ice..nothing major


This is the door to my back yard…there is my snow build up.  Normally there are 3 steps down to the patio right there.  I had to get the snow shovel to clear it out so Carson could get to his backyard.  I tried to open the doggie door but it is blocked by snow.


And just in case you had forgotten, the famous Arctic Blaster 2000.  Many of you may not remember what I had to go through to get this shovel (shovel 14”+ of snow with a garden shovel)…but it is one of my most treasured items during winter.

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2 Responses to Good News & Bad News

  1. Momn says:


  2. Michelle says:

    Kerber, not even enough snow to sled in Brooklyn. If it is going to be cold I’d rather have the fun of the snow. I love my snow boots!!

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