Strange Days Indeed

Two Strange Incidents Today


First the temperature today was in the teens and probably lower with the wind chill. Yet as I am heading to lunch I pass a girl in a big wool winter jacket, scarf, gloves and FLIP FLOPS!  I am not kidding you.  I literally stopped and did a double take.  Was she crazy?  I was dying in my boots trying to maneuver through the ice.


Second I get to the airport and meet a lovely TSA screener (Brad I thought of you today as I was going through this strange incident because I know how much you love the screeners).  I am about 2 people away from the TSA security person who checks your license against your ticket before you go through the screening area and hear something really strange.  I think I hear her say, “You have a lovely face”, to the 6 ft 280lbs ish guy whose ID and ticket she was checking.  I thought that was an odd thing to say.  But she was a bit soft spoken and had an accent so I wasn’t really sure I heard that conversation correctly.  Then as she is checking the credentials of the older woman in front of me I hear her say, “You have pretty eyes.” 


Yep …that right, I am in the line with the TSA screener who has made it her mission to provide a compliment to everyone going through her line.  I got beautiful hair.  (Since I often get comments on my shinny hair I thought perhaps she was being legit.  I did not see the face of the guy in front of me or the ladies eyes, but I bought the hair line.)  At first I was thinking about how strange this woman’s behavior is.  I mean I don’t need to go through a stupid security screening line to get a compliment..I just want to get through it to get confirmation that I do not have any weapons or 5 oz bottles of liquid so I can board my flight.  But then I thought what if she thinks it is her mission to say something kind to everyone she sees in an effort to brighten their day?  It’s an interesting addition to her mundane screening job.

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2 Responses to Strange Days Indeed

  1. Geneen says:

    Ya know what? You’ll have to tell me which airport and concourse to go down when I come to D.C. I could use a good compliment! Go TSA screener lady. Beats the heck out of those arses on a power trip that we have here in Atlanta.

    And I am sure she was being sincere — your hair is lovely.

  2. Irma says:

    I work with a guys who swears everyone (ok every woman) has something beautiful about her. So…I am going to venture out there and say this woman was being sincere. After all – you do have fabulous hair – so…I don’t think she would have fabricated the 2 previous compliments. I think it’s great! Maximum it takes what? 5 extra seconds to give a compliment…I say if you’re that hard up to save 5 extra seconds – you should’ve gotten there earlier!

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