The Great Food Caper

I have been fighting a cold (or allergies, or sinuses..who knows) for a few weeks.  By the end of last week it had clearly gotten the best of me.  So, I headed home early from work on Friday, loaded up on some medicine and finished the afternoon working from home.  The only reason I tell you this is so you know why I was home in the middle of a Friday afternoon when I was able to discover the Mystery of why Carson remains fat!


You see, ever since I have had the Carsonator he has been over weight.  I was amazed because he had lived with a homeless guy, but he was still a bit chubby.  So when I adopted him I talked with the vet about fixing Carson’s diet and sliming him down so he can be all he can be!  Don’t get me wrong, I love him just the way he is (I often call him Mamma’s Little Fat Boy…good thing he’s not a kid…I might be causing something that requires a lot of therapy in the future).   But labs have all kinds of back and hip problems even without the excess weight.  When I first got him, even on diet dog food, he gained 10% of his weight in 6 months!  I rushed him to the vet sure he had a thyroid problem.  After some serious $$$ it was determined he did not have a thyroid problem but his body was adjusting to eating 2 meals a day (it was still converting everything to fat in case he didn’t have food for a few days). 


So while I was in Houston I thought Carson was looking a little bit slimmer.  He was running around often with my Mom’s dog Tipper (My Mom loves Tipper Gore…hence the name.)  (Okay, that was a total lie but I love to tell people that…the dogs ear tips over a bit..hence the name).  So after Carson got groomed on Friday I put him on the scale at Pets Mart.  I’ll be darn if the dog is not still weighing 90 lbs!  (He gets 1 cup of diet food 2 times a day). 


So I get home and am working on the computer (this is the part of the story I was really intending to tell you.)  I hear this bumping and moving of something in the dining room. I ignore it for a bit, but then I think I hear Carson eating.  I find this very strange because I keep Carson’s food in a big Blue 20 gallon container from Target with a lid.  So I walk in the dining room and sure enough, Carson has bumped into his food until the lid popped off.  Then he moved the lid to the side and there he stood…grazing. 


No wonder I can’t get the dog to lose any weight.



The Scene of the Crime

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