Breaking Ground for Women

Tonight I attended a Gala for the Women’s Caucus that honored the first woman Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi.  It was a fantastic event.  There were about 30 women Members of Congress at the event.  Women actually hold just over 70 seats in Congress now (its about time.)  So 30+ women at one event was a great turnout. 


I am not particularly a fan of Speaker Pelosi’s policy positions, but I have to admire the business acumen and political savvy it takes to become the first woman Speaker of the House.  She is breaking ground for all of us, and it is long overdue.  I am reminded almost on a daily basis that I am playing in a man’s world.  Its politics, and the majority of people I deal with are men.  On a weekly basis the majority of the meetings I attend I am the only woman. Anytime that situation occurs I make sure that I speak up and at least make some sort of smart statement (at least I hope it’s smart.)  I don’t want to be a wallflower.  How many men do you think look around the room and think, “hey I better speak up at this meeting or I will get lost in this crowd.”  Not many.  I do have to say, it is better up here then it was when I was playing in the Texas “Good ‘Ol Boys” network.


Anyway, it was a fantastic event to see so many women paving the way for our children and us.  It gives me something to aspire to.  (Never end a sentence with a preposition, I know!)


P.S.  The Scooter Libby verdict was B.S.  Give me a break!  We can’t even punish the person who leaked the information. 

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1 Response to Breaking Ground for Women

  1. Irma says:

    The “Good Ol’ Boy” network is not so bad…they’re basically “GOOD” if not bright, informed or educated. So…if you’re persuasive and persistent – they come to your way of thinking, and they’re tons of fun! (most of the time)

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