It was a whirlwind of travel last week but I ended up in Houston for a Girls Weekend to the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo.  What?  Is that not normally a girls weekend destination.  Well I like to take those that have never been to Texas or a REAL Rodeo to the Houston Rodeo. It is an experience.  Plus you can’t help but love to see the homemade outfits people wear to the rodeo!  Nobody wears fringe like people attending the rodeo.


Jill, Nancy, Shelly, Me, Debbie


Anyway, we had a great weekend.  We watched the movie Borat SEVERAL Times!  Okay we only watched the whole movie once, but we replayed several parts over and over.  I will say it again…that movie is damn funny. If you haven’t seen it, go buy it!


Debbie, Jen, Jill, Nancy, Shelly


Friday night we went Kicker Dancing (Two Stepping, country music dancing) with my brother, my cousin Bear, and a bunch of my brother’s friends.  They were all really nice and very funny!  They made sure my friends got to experience a Texas two step at least once!  My friends were dressed up like we were going clubbing.  That makes one stick out like a sore thumb at a Kicker Bar.  But we didn’t care, we were having fun.  We then spent all day Saturday at the Rodeo, checking out livestock, merchandise, the carnival and the Rodeo. We got to see Brooks & Dunn at the rodeo.  Even the non-country attendee enjoyed the show.  Julie and Family joined us in our seats and we got some free entertainment watching Hallie dance at the show (see video). 



Is this not the cutest Cowboy you have ever seen?  Jackson Lyons


 (Hallie & Jackson!  Ohhhh Sticky Cotton Candy Hands…Don’t Touch Anything!

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  1. Julie (sis) says:

    Where do I see the video?


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