The Agony of Defeat and the Aggie Spirit

I was reminded again last night (even though I was sad) of why I have so much love and admiration for my Alma Matter, Texas A&M University.   The Aggie Spirit is a powerful force and something to be admired. 


We played in the Sweet 16 last night for the first time in 27 years.  I joined about 125 other Aggies, including Congressman Louis Gohmert, at the sports bar in D.C. where we watch all our games.   (In case you did not know I am currently the President-elect of my alumni association…which is the largest A&M alumni association outside of Texas).    Half the bar was reserved for Aggies and we had standing room only by the time the game started.  We had yell practice during half time (you should have seen the look on the faces of the other bar patrons…they watched wide-eyed and mouths open.)  We cheered our team on the entire way, including the final seconds when we saw the game slip out of our hands.  Then at the end, everyone clapped for a game well played.  The Congressman and a former yell leader stood up at the front and led us all in a rousing rendition of our School Song.  As we were leaving, all you heard was people saying, “We will be back next year.” 


On the way home I sat on the subway with a smile on my face thinking about Texas A&M.  All schools watch big games together and cheer on their team.  (How many are joined by a Congressman?).  But I don’t think everybody takes a loss like we do (I have seen some REALLY poor behavior from schools up here).  We had young Ags and Old Ags alike, and everybody knew how to do “Farmers Fight” when the signal was given.    I also love the tradition that binds us all together: the tradition that taught us to stick together, cherish values such as honor, tradition, and truth…the aggie way. 


So, yes I still love my A&M tattoo on my ankle, even more so when I see the Aggie spirit and camaraderie in action.

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1 Response to The Agony of Defeat and the Aggie Spirit

  1. Angie Morton says:

    WHOOP!! Well said Kerber. I am sad they lost last night but so proud they got that far. Gig’em!

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