Walk Softly and Carry Lots of Safety Pins

Okay, so I have this skirt that I sometimes wear.  I have noticed that the last few times I have worn it I would occasionally find my zipper down!  Yes embarrassing to say the least. But I wasn’t really sure what was going on.  So on Sunday when I was leaving Sunny Florida I decided to wear the skirt again.  Everything was going just fine until I got off the plane in D.C.  As I am hauling my stuff off the plane (hands full) I have a feeling that my zipper is down.  (I had a long shirt on so nobody was getting a free show.)  So I casually zip it up as I exit and I walk to find a bathroom (I refuse to pee on a plane unless it is an emergency.)  On my way to the bathroom I realize the zipper has fallen down again…just minutes after I pulled it up last time.  So I fix the zipper.  As I get to the bathroom I realize that this zipper not staying up might be a permanent thing, because every time I pull it up, it falls right back down. 


Well as luck would have it, when I am trying to button my skirt in the bathroom stall…the darn button comes off!  So there I am, in the bathroom stall with no working zipper and a missing button!  I empty the entire contents of my purse looking for a safety pin, or ANYTHING that will secure this skirt to my body.  I mean I am so desperate, I try to pin it using a spare pair of earrings that I have in my purse.  It didn’t work. 


So, I am forced to walk from the bathroom to baggage pick up (thank god I was at National airport and not Houston Intercontinental or some other airport where baggage claim is a good mile from the terminal.) with a skirt that is not wanting to stay on my body.  I am practically walking with my legs as far apart as possible to keep the damn thing up.  Or, I have one hand strategically placed on my stomach holding my skirt together.  Yes, I looked ridiculous. 


Needless to say, I was able to get my luggage and a cab with out dropping my drawers…but it was hard.  Last night I put a handful of safety pins in my purse and my wallet. 

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One Response to Walk Softly and Carry Lots of Safety Pins

  1. Irma says:

    Stapler…anyone will let you borrow one. I know.

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