Cherry Blossoms

The best part about D.C. in the Spring is the Cherry Blossoms, so I thought I would share a few pictures.  Now since the pictures have a date stamp on them I will go ahead and admit that these are not from this year.



You see when you live here you only have to see them on the Mall once to be satisfied.  There are thousands of tourists all gathered around the Jefferson Memorial and the Tidal Basin to the see the Cherry Blossoms.  You can’t even get a picture without random strangers in them.  So, I went once, and now I just enjoy them from afar or enjoy them in other, less tourist friendly locations around the city.


 Cherry Blossom (An up close view)

Yesterday was the peak for the Cherry Blossoms. Unfortunately we had terrible storms blow through last night so they should all be knocked off the tress this morning.  What is even worse is the official Cherry Blossom parade and celebration is not until this Saturday.  L  Lots of tourists missed the cherry blossoms. 


 Cherry Blossom2  (Yes, that is solid people under those trees!)


Just a little history for you, because I know you are interested.  The Cherry Trees were first donated in 1912 by the Japanese as a sign of friendship.  We were originally shipped 2000 Cherry Trees, however when they arrived they were found to be infested with bugs.  So as not to destroy our agriculture, they trees were not able to be planted but had to be destroyed.  This was a huge diplomatic issues…can you imagine…having to set fire to 2000 trees given to you as a measure of friendship.  Well after much to do the Japanese again donated 3000 Cherry Trees. They are planted through out the city, but mostly around the Tidal Basin where the Jefferson Memorial sits.

WashMonCherry (The Cherry Blossoms surrounding the Washington Monument, one of my favorite photos)

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1 Response to Cherry Blossoms

  1. Fancy says:

    Jen – thanks again for braving the crowds to take Shelly and I to see the Cherry Blossoms up close. It really is very beautiful – I’m glad I got to see them in person.

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