Happy Easter and More

So, I decided not to go home (to Texas) for Easter this year because I have been traveling a lot and the airline prices were outrageous.   This is the 2nd time I have decided to stay in D.C. for a holiday and now I remember why I have only done it one time prior.  It sucks.  L


I have a large extended family (ask Julie…to this day I mention some cousin that she didn’t know I had!) and everyone gets together on the holidays at my Grandma’s house.  Things are changing a bit as my Grandmother passed away a year and half ago and we just bulldozed her house.  But the fact is, for the majority of my life I always associate holidays with large family gatherings, lots of kids, laughing, catching up, and excessive amounts of food (there is one thing my family doesn’t do…run out of food!).  We would always have some good entertainment from a crazy relative or two. 


So I stayed in D.C., we had snow in the morning, and I spent the day wishing I had gone home. 



I was in Florida for work recently and decided to head to Orlando for the weekend to visit the Florida girls.  We ended up going to Islands of Adventure and Universal Studio and had a great time.  It had been at least 20 years since I had been to an amusement park and ridden rides I wanted to ride (i.e. not kiddy rides).  We hit every rollercoaster and scary ride there was.  It was awesome!  I highly recommend it. 

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