Uh Yeah.  I like wine, but under no circumstances can I fathom putting on my car “Life is a Cabernet.”

People are weird.

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  1. Jules says:

    So, your post on bumper stickers got me thinking about, well bumper stickers…I found this site on fav bumper stickers…my personal favorite, “I’m still going on bad dates. By now I should be in a bad marriage!”


  2. Jules says:

    And Jenn…no post on the A&M basketball coach leaving for Kentucky???

  3. jkerber says:

    Well yes, I was very upset about the Coach leaving for Kentucky, but it was your husband who calmed me down. He said that if you are a college basketball coach, there are 4 major basketball teams you would want to coach for..and it appears Kentucky is one of them! So, I said I understand. You know, when you get the job offer of a lifetime you have to take it. I do wish he would have stayed. I hope A&M is putting the money into getting a big name…because if we lose these recruits I will be very upset!

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