Political Correctness

Heard a great story (at least I think its great) yesterday about a former member of Congress.  We were discussing how times have changed and the heightened media coverage has changed what someone can and cannot do these days.   As an example, there was a Member of Congress back in the 70’s that would respond to letters from his constituents in what I thought was a really funny manner.  You see, when he would receive letters from his constituents that criticized his behavior or his political stance he would send back the following letter:


Dear XX

It is with great concern that I am writing to inform you that some Son of a B**** stole your signature and wrote me a letter about XXX.



Isn’t that fabulous? Can you imagine if your Congressional representative called you an SOB today? 

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1 Response to Political Correctness

  1. Irma says:

    That is funny…good chuckle for the day!

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