No Power..No Blog…No Way!

Well folks, thanks to the Nor’easter I am sitting here without power.  I see many of you now saying, well if you have no power…how can you blog.  Come on people I work in the technology industry!  I have a laptop with a 6 hour battery and I have a wireless card for internet access anytime anywhere. 


We are having horrible weather.  The Nor’easter is blowing through here so we have about 20-30 mile an hour sustained wind with 40-60 mile an hour wind gusts (similar to some tropical storms/dying hurricanes for those of you in Houston).  Its been raining off and on for 2 days straight.  The temperature all day was in the low 40’s but with the wind gusts it felt like it was below 30!  Miserable!  I spent all last night listening to the wind howl thinking, “Is that a freight train? Does that sound like a freight train?  Do I need to get in the basement because a tornado is coming?”  Yeah, no tornados, just my own paranoia.   Pretty convinced I don’t know what a freight train sounds like yet. J


I have to say, it has been very hard coming home to no electricity.  I never remember being without electricity being a big deal in Houston.  You could go for a while until you’re the AC in your house wore off.  But freezing to death adds a whole other element.  It is suppose to be 34 degrees tonight.  (By the way, this is another great time to break out the unitard!).


But I have to tell you no power during a Nor’easter sucks!  I came home to no power. I immediately checked the temperature in the house.  I was at 62 degrees.  Figured that was do-able, for a little while. I mean surly they should have my power restored in some sort of timely manner.  Well I am going on 4 hours that I know of, without power.  The temperature in my home is now hovering right at 60 degrees.  You know without power, you have no space heater to plug in.  I also don’t seem to have hot water.  That’s going to make for a lovely shower in the morning!  Right about now I am thinking I should have packed up my things and headed to my cousins.


I have decided to leave all the lights on in the house and turn the TV on in my room.  That way when the power comes back on it ought to scare the crap out of you.


Well tomorrow when my power comes back on, I will have to tell you about my excitement of actually making the “list”  A very prominent, nationally recognized civil liberties group has decided I’m the devil.  (I would tell you which one it is, but then blogs are searchable and I really don’t need them reading my blog. It feels good to have finally made the list.  (I mean they are crazy!)  It only took me 7.5 years.  I feel like my work here is done.  J

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2 Responses to No Power..No Blog…No Way!

  1. Irma says:

    Yay! It’s gratifying to hear you are bugging the crap out of people enough to actually be “listed”.

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