Lesson Learned

Lesson #1:  Never use your fireplace during a Nor’easter with 40–60 MPH wind gusts

I got home tonight around 9 p.m. and yes, I had electricity!  (Thank you Mr. Edison!).  But, I also walked into a home that smelled like a smokehouse without any of the benefit (yummy BBQ).  Last night, without any electricity, I was determined to keep the house as warm as a possible so I could spend the night here.  So, I did what any person might do, I lit a fire.  However, due to the heavy winds, the fire kept coming back into the living room.  So, rather than put out the fire, I decided to just move to a different room.  I didn’t really realize how smoky the house was until I came home tonight.  It stinks. Anyone know how to get a smoky smell out of my living room, my couch, my carpet, my love seat, etc?  Suggestions wanted!



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3 Responses to Lesson Learned

  1. Kate says:

    Fabreeze (sp?)! We had the same thing happen to us in our downstairs fireplace this past winter. The fresh scent works wonders! I will e-mail you this weekend to let you know we got to Africa safely. It was great to see you today! I miss you already!

  2. Derek says:

    Um…Jen, this is not the first time the house smelled all smokey because you decided that a fire would be a good idea now is it? No, its not.

  3. Jennifer says:

    Okay Derek, just let everyone know! But in my defense, I got the fireplace cleaned and had several successful, non-smoky fires this winter! So this one really was due to the high winds!

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