Revisting My Addiction

Update:  I had Sushi for Lunch today ( wasn’t my suggestion) and I already have plans to meet a friend at a Sushi place tonight fo dinner.  Honestly, I have a problem.

Yeah, I had sushi for dinner tonight (Wednesday).  Did I mention I had sushi for lunch yesterday (Tuesday.  Thanks Kate for indulging me).  Yep, you guessed it, I also had Sushi for dinner on Monday.  Oh yes, lets not forget Friday, I had Sushi then as well.   

I am wondering if I can put a little calendar on my blog to track when I eat Sushi.  Might be a good visual reference to see my problem in all its glory.  Lets just take a moment and be thankful that my addiction isn’t drugs, or double fudge brownies (ohh but I do love them!), or some other sort of thing that would be life detrimental to the life I lead. 

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1 Response to Revisting My Addiction

  1. Irma says:

    I think of you every time I eat sushi…or even see sushi on the menu.

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