An Ode to the Mighty Casey Jones

Tonight my cousin Kristi and her husband Bruce had to put their 15 year old Yellow Lab, The Might Casey Jones “Casey” to sleep.  I left a conference early and ran over to the house to keep the kids (Jack & Kate) while they took Casey to the vet.  It was really a rough evening. I am sure any of you with pets, or who have lost a pet understand.  But Casey lived a great life.  She had unlimited love, lots of long walks, and plenty of ball throwing! 


The Mighty Casey Jones, made to play the devil.  The price you pay when your owners decide to have kids.


Casey’s brother, Texas Red Chili “Tex”, is already starting to wonder what is happening.  Unfortunately Casey came home from the vet on Saturday and was unable to walk.  That was not the quality of life she was used to living.  So they made the rough decision to put her to sleep today.  I think the reason it is so painful when you put a dog to sleep is because you have them from cradle to grave.  They are there every day, and they are always happy to see you.  They enrich your life in so many ways. 


They kids got to spend the afternoon with Casey and say goodbye to her.  Kate is about to turn 4 and she didn’t really understand why Casey wasn’t going to come home.  Jack turns 6 in 2 weeks and he gets it.  He was crying hard.  You could also see his brain working as he was processing what was going on.  He seemed somewhat better when I told him that Murphy would be there to meet Casey in Heaven.  The kids were around when I had to put Murphy to sleep so they understood that she never came back.  In fact, Kristi drove Murphy & I to the vet because I knew I would not be able to drive her there by myself. 


Every night when its time to go to bed, I turn out all the lights in the living room and I head down the hall to my room.  Carson follows me, however I go left into my room, and he turns right into his own room.  I did not give him this room, he adopted it.  But its actually a good thing because he snores really really loud.   But my absolutely favorite thing every day is just as I start to fall asleep, I can hear these deep breaths and loud snores coming from the other room.  And I always smile because I know he is happy and content and I have provided him that life (his previous owner was a homeless man). 


So anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for all the fun times Casey.  You were a great dog and will be dearly missed. 


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2 Responses to An Ode to the Mighty Casey Jones

  1. Angie Morton says:

    It’s hard to hear stories like this because I know Daisy’s time is coming soon. Sounds like Casey had a good life.

  2. Debbie says:

    Please pass along my condolences to Kristi, Bruce and the kids. I had the pleasure of meeting Casey and she certainly was a sweet, gentle lady in all respects. I can only imagine what losing “man’s best friend” is like. I dread the day it is my turn, but will treasure every moment with my two loves in the meantime. Godspeed, Casey!

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