Aggie Muster

While I am sitting here at the airport I decided to try and update you on this past weekend’s activities.  Each year I think I tell you guys the same thing, but this past weekend was Aggie Muster, and once again, it made me proud to be an Aggie.  Normally I plan Aggie Muster but this year I let someone else (well I use that term loosely, you know how controlling I am and detail oriented. I was the event manager). 


For those of you who don’t know what Aggie Muster is let me explain. Aggie Muster is the roll call for the dead.  It started officially about the time of WWI and every year on April 21, Aggies gather together and call the names of those how have died during the previous year.  When an Aggie’s name is called, someone (normally a family member or friend) answers “Here” and lights a candle for them.  At the end of the ceremony we play taps, say a couple of great meaning Aggie poems that discuss the camaraderie and affection we have for those who have passed.  It is a really great experience.


This year we had about 250 Aggies at Muster. It was a great event.  We had a Aggie General give the keynote speech.  A couple years ago we had 3 out or 4 of the Aggie Members of Congress attend. Because we are in D.C. and have a heavy military component to our area (and our University) we called the names of all 6 Aggies who died in Afghanistan and Iraq this past year.  Many of our military boys answered for them.  Also, because Muster occurred just 6 days after the Virginia Tech event, we also called for remembrance of all those who died in the tragedy. 


If you have never been to Aggie Muster, you should go. They have them all over the country and all over the world.  The rule is if 3 or more Aggies are within 100 miles of each other they are to get together and remember the fallen on April 21st. 


When it’s my time, I certainly my family and friends will answer here for me.

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