It’s the little things that warm the heart

I have to tell you about something that makes me smile and warms my heart.  My brother has been working very hard with Julie’s brother to plan a cancer benefit.  I don’t know why this warms my heart; he has known her since he was 3.  But it still means the world to me that he would do this. 


First, let me give you some information for this event.  June 2, Miramar Park in Seabrook, Texas from 11 a.m. to ???.  (Go ahead and mark your calendars for that date.)   We will have a BBQ and silent auction.  Rob & Julie’s brother have also secured a Texas country band (Mark Miller).  They are hoping to raise money for the Mary Crowley Cancer Center, where Julie is currently being treated.  They are also hoping to raise some funds for the weekly flight to Dallas Julie needs to receive this treatment.  As soon as we have more information, I will post a flyer. 


Back to my story.  Not only has my brother been working on this, he has gotten my father involved.  One day last week I get a call from my father to tell me he has secured a shotgun for the silent auction (Yes folks, this is Texas…a shotgun is a hot item for a silent auction.)  He has also secured some of the food necessary for the BBQ. 


Anyway, it just makes me smile and warms my heart that my family is willing to jump in and get involved in Julies fight.  As my friend Debbie says, it really just goes to show you how many people Julie has touched in her life.

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