My language comes back to me

Got a funny story for you (at least I consider it funny, but not as funny as the security clearance deal).  Today I was contacted by a Senators office to ask if my association would support an amendment they were proposing regarding counterfeit pharmaceuticals and radio frequency identification.  So I look at the amendment and think we are on board with most of it. But then, as I am reading the language, I come across some language that is very familiar!


It turns out some language I wrote 5 years ago for a client I was representing had made it in this bill!  We had crafted the language so narrow that only the company I represented at the time and perhaps one other could manufacture the technology necessary to comply.   Well when I was representing a particular company that was a good thing.  But now I work for an association and we are all about not specifying technology in legislation so we have an open and competitive playing field. 


I had to call the guy back and say, all though that language is REALLY well written, I have it on good authority only one or two companies can comply.  This would create a monopoly for these companies, so we would not support it without some changes.  But I have to say, who ever wrote that language did a really good job of crafting the requirement narrowly while making it look non-suspicious.

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3 Responses to My language comes back to me

  1. Irma says:

    I think now I know why you’ve been “listed”…

  2. Derek says:

    Dear Irma,

    Your job must allow you a lot of free time because you’re always the first one to post comments on this blog. Even as a student with internet access all the time, I cannot keep up with you.


    You see what you get when you work for narrow special interests. Tsk tsk.

  3. Jennifer says:

    Tsk Tsk said the Harvard Lawyer. I can’t wait until you come face to face with special interests. I am going to be right there to remind you. For the record…I work for a non-profit now, and I never represented anyone at the federal level that I did not agree with.

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