Emergency Room & Vet Visits…Oh My

It has been a bit of a crazy few days. 


First, my mom is in the hospital and waiting to have her gallbladder removed!  I feel horrible because she wasn’t feeling well yesterday so we cancelled the Mother’s Day brunch (I was in town for a few days).  But I still made her drive me an hour to the airport, and on our way we stopped at Julie and visited with the kids!  She felt worse as the night went on and eventually she called Rob for a lift to the emergency room. 


Well, Rob was working so she got a first class lift to the emergency room, via Ambulance with her son giving her drugs along the way. J  The good thing was when she got to the ER Rob knew all the nurses and doctors and merely had to point out that this was his mother.  She immediately got moved to a room in the back and was put on the VIP list.  I guess this might be one of the places where you want to be on a VIP list.  We are waiting for her infection to go down and then they will remove the gall bladder.  Apparently, it’s not that important!  Hopefully they will do surgery tomorrow; I know she is ready to go home even though it hasn’t even been 24 hours.  Keep her in your prayers!


Second: Carson is sick.  I was a little worried about him because he seems to have gained MORE weight and one of his fatty tumors seemed to be bigger.  (What baffles me is I feed him ONE CUP in the morning and ONE CUP at night of Diet Dog Food!  For a dog his size he is suppose to be getting a total of 3 cups a day!)  So I took him to the Vet.  The fatty tumor came back just a fatty tumor, only having grown in size along with Carson.  Then we did some blood work to see why Carson is now weighing 96 lbs!  That is an increase of 10 lbs since August!  Well his thyroid came back normal but something else was elevated and there is some concern over how his body is processing water.  (You see a lot of the terms just went over my head).  Anyway, we think he may have Cushing’s Disease or a certain type of Diabetes. 


So in order to figure out exactly what he has there are a few things I have to do.  Last night I had to starve him of water overnight (Carson drinks a TON of water). That wasn’t the bad part.  This morning before I could give him any water, I had to try and get a sample of his urine.  So I take Carson for a walk out front and I have the little capture box they have supplied me.  So every time Carson starts to pee, I try to quickly shove the box in the path to capture it.  Well of course this freaks him out because when have I ever done this before…so he immediately stops peeing.  This happened about 4 times until he decided “forget it. I am going to hold it.”  Eventually I got the sample (an hour later!) and took it to the vet for analysis. 


The part Carson is really going to hate is tomorrow night.  I have to cut him off from food at 8:00 p.m. and starve him for 12 hours.  Now the amazing thing is the dog already things he is starving so I know he is going to be in a bad mood on Wednesday morning.  I will take him to the vet Wednesday morning and they will do a series of blood test before and after feeding him. 


All and all I don’t think its anything serious, just a nice little hit on the pocketbook. I wonder if doggie insurance would cover something like this?

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2 Responses to Emergency Room & Vet Visits…Oh My

  1. Angie Morton says:

    Oh my, Jen. So sorry to hear about your mom. I’m sure with Rob looking over their shoulders, she is in good hands.

    Poor Carson. Don’t you just hate it when the dogs get sick?? I can’t stand to see Daisy miserable. Give her a big treat when all of this blows over.

  2. Irma says:

    We’ll say a prayer for your Mom, and yes, Doggie Insurance would cover this…

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