Yes it has been a few days since I have really written anything. Been busy!  My father was in town for a visit. We had a great time.  My friend Nancy is now in town as well (interviewing for a job!).  We have the big Aggie BBQ on Saturday and my cousin Jack has his 6th birthday celebration!  The homeland security appropriations bill is being marked up today and we just got some sort of compromise on an immigration bill. I think I am telling you all this as an excuse for my lack of decent posts lately.


Mom is well. She is at home and recovering.  Other than being a bit sore, she is doing great.  She is already driving and will likely be back to work very soon…sans gall bladder!


Hopefully with everything going on I will be able to get a good post up soon.


In case you guys have not heard. We are having a Cancer Benefit on June 2, inspired by Julie.  Here is a flyer.  Let me know if you need any additional information. It is going to be a great event.  Joe & Rob have done a wonderful job organizing it and we have lots of great silent auction items.  We may even have a lot of signed stuffed from professional sporting teams!  So come on out to Miramar Park in Seabrook, Texas on Saturday June 2.  We will be out there from 11 a.m .to 5 p.m. listening to some live Texas Country Music, eating BBQ and raising money for a good cause!



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