Rolling Thunder

Memorial weekend in D.C. is always one of my favorites.  We tend to have fantastic weather (which we did) and there are so many salutes and tributes to our military members past and present.  But my favorite part of Memorial Weekend in D.C. is something called, “Rolling Thunder.” 


This year marked the 20th Anniversary for Rolling Thunder in which thousands of motorcycle riders from all over the country converge on D.C. to conduct a memorial ride from the Pentagon to the Vietnam Memorial.  It is called rolling thunder, because that is exactly what it sounds like as the ride down the Mall to the Capitol and past the White House to Vietnam Memorial.  This year we had about 300,000 bikers.  All of them decorate their bike with U.S. Flags and POW MIA flags.  You see all kinds of patriotic bikes (I am a nut for stuff like that.)  Although the actual memorial ride is only one morning, the whole weekend you see nothing but these amazing bikes riding all around the city. 


My other favorite part of Memorial weekend in D.C. is soldiers place small American flags at every grave in Arlington Cemetery.  It is amazing to see rows and rows of graves with American flags near them.  I also try to get over to the Vietnam War Memorial to see all the tributes and flower left by people visiting this past weekend.  Some of the personal notes left behind bring me to tears. 


I find these weekends even more important to remind to give thanks to those who have sacrificed for us in the past, and those who are doing it for us today.  I always make it a point to go by the Wall and Arlington Cemetery around Memorial Day.  It is only a small thing, but it is the least I can do to pay my respects. 

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