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The Annual Tubing Trip

I am heading to Texas for our annual 4th of July Trip tubing the Frio River.  It is a fantastic trip with about 20 friends (and some kids) and we rent a large house and spend all our time hanging … Continue reading

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Saw ‘Em Off Lawsuit settled

The “Saw ‘Em Off” lawsuit was settled yesterday.  Boy am I glad I got my t-shirts with the original design.  Does that mean my T-Shirts with the original design might be worth something in the future?   Not sure I like … Continue reading

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Kate is Alive

After 10 weeks of radio silence I received and e-card from Kate.  She and Cecil (and Nicholas) are doing fine, just having some Internet issues.  Kate hopes to get the Internet issues fixed next week then she will start updating … Continue reading

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Another Year Older, None the Wiser…

Today’s the big day.  It’s my birthday.  If I were Irma I would tell you that I am having a lovely time celebrating my 6th 29th birthday.   If you do the math you realize I am actually 35.  I … Continue reading

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To Shave Carson or Not?

That is the question. He has such thick fur (he is a lab/chow) and it gets so hot and humid here in the summer.  He hates it.  We go far walks and sometimes I think I might have to carry … Continue reading

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Weekend Sightseeing and Fine Dining

My friend Nancy (childhood friend and one of the famous “Florida Girls”) is in town this week working in D.C.  She is staying at Casa de Kerber and we are having a fantastic time.  This weekend we decided to celebrate … Continue reading

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Stuffed Animal Stupor

Can anyone tell me why a grown woman puts stuffed animals in the back windshield of her car?  And I am not talking just one, but several, littering the back window.  The one I saw this morning could not have … Continue reading

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Sleep Over

My cousins dog Texas Red, aka “Tex”, has been staying with us for a few days.  (If you recall I recently put a post up about the Mighty Casey Jones (Casey) having to be put to sleep (See Ode To The … Continue reading

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Good Moral Character

I love it.  Here is an actual amendment to the Immigration Bill.  It requires anyone who has been living illegally in the United States and wants to apply for citizenship must prove he/she is of good moral character.  GOOD MORAL … Continue reading

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The Agony of Defeat

Well I don’t think I will actually call it defeat, but rather recognition when something isn’t right and allowing it to be fixed.  (Or should I saw, when I saw the opposition mounting, and realized I could not win, I … Continue reading

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