Good Moral Character

I love it.  Here is an actual amendment to the Immigration Bill.  It requires anyone who has been living illegally in the United States and wants to apply for citizenship must prove he/she is of good moral character. 

GOOD MORAL CHARACTER.–The alien shall establish that the alien has been a person of good moral character.

Ummm yeah, we are really in a position to judge others moral character.  Cracks me up.  Perhaps we can put together a tribunal of Members of Congress and they can judge the moral character of these illegal immigrants.  How does one prove they are of good moral character?  Do I just need an affidavit from my preacher to show I have been attending church reguarly?  Would volunteer work help solidify my moral character?  How about simply showing that you have never been to jail?  Does that constitute good moral character?  Additionally, and I could be wrong, but don’t you think you might question one’s moral character for breaking the law in the first place? 

I just thought it was funny.  (Please no nasty emails, I am not judging the moral character of illegal aliens.) 

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2 Responses to Good Moral Character

  1. Mary kerber says:

    Can’t think of anyone in Washington capable of judging moral character!


  2. Irma says:

    I vote for a lie detector test (to verify said person has not defrauded the govn’t by illegally mooching benefits they were not eligible for, has held a steady job etc…), IQ test, criminal background check, drug test & English test. Is that too much to ask????

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