The Agony of Defeat

Well I don’t think I will actually call it defeat, but rather recognition when something isn’t right and allowing it to be fixed.  (Or should I saw, when I saw the opposition mounting, and realized I could not win, I decided to back down gracefully.)


An amendment could be offered today to delete the secure driver’s license provisions from the Immigration bill.  I am not too torn up over it.  The reasoning provided to me by the staff makes sense, and it does not kill my program. It just takes it out of the immigration bill.  This, in the big picture, might not be a bad thing.  Who knows if we will even get an immigration bill and do I really want my issue tied up with it.  Probably not.


So, I am closely watching C-SPAN2 (Senate Debate) to see if the amendment comes up and what the vote is.   It is my understanding they have the votes to pass it. 


Signing off Slightly Sad in D.C.

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