Sleep Over

My cousins dog Texas Red, aka “Tex”, has been staying with us for a few days.  (If you recall I recently put a post up about the Mighty Casey Jones (Casey) having to be put to sleep (See Ode To The Mighty Casey Jones Post in April). I think Tex really misses having Casey around so he is clinging to Carson during this visit.)

I thought this was a cute picture.  Last night as I walked down the hall to go to sleep, Carson & Tex has already gone to sleep in Carson’s room.  It honestly cracks me up every night when we go to bed because I turn left into my room, and Carson turns right into his room. Now he is having sleepovers with his friends in his room! 


I had to turn the light on to get this picture. Just after I took the picture, Carson looked up, groaned and gave me a dirty look.  It was clearly a “turn lights out” groan/look.


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1 Response to Sleep Over

  1. Fancy says:

    So cute!

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