Weekend Sightseeing and Fine Dining

My friend Nancy (childhood friend and one of the famous “Florida Girls”) is in town this week working in D.C.  She is staying at Casa de Kerber and we are having a fantastic time.  This weekend we decided to celebrate both of our birthdays and went out to a nice dinner with some friends. We went to this new hip swanky place called Oya.  It is French-Asian infusion food, and it was so yummy!  I thought we were going to get kicked out since we are neither hip nor swanky now that she is the big 35 and I am approaching quickly.  But we didn’t.  The food was great, atmosphere was hip and swanky and the service excellent.  I always give bonus points to a nice restaurant that immediately switches out the white napkin for a black one when you are wearing black pants.  You would think that is an easy thing to do, but it does not always happen. In fact, at one of the very nicest restaurants here in D.C. known for its political clientele, they did not switch out the napkins and I ended up spending 30 minutes in my office using tape to remove all the little bits of white lint on m black pants.  In fact, I think this was such an egregious error, I am just going to state the name of the Restaurant:  The Palm!


We also decided to go check out the new Air Force Memorial this weekend. I highly recommend it. It was awesome.  The Air Force was the only military branch that did not have a memorial.  They designed it to look like a plane formation.  I think they did an excellent job.  The monument consists of 3 huge spires the look like a “bomb burst” formation.  Each of the three spires represent the three core values of the Air Force – integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all that is done.  The other cool thing is one of the walls has a quote by the Chief of Staff for the Air Force, who just happens to be an Aggie.  I definitely plan to add this to the Kerber Hurt Like Hell Two-Day Tour. 


The Memorial



Up close



Really close looking upward


We also decided to go see the WWII memorial.  Nancy had only seen it covered in snow, in the dead of winter, while freezing to death.  She said this was a much better experience.  It is a gorgeous memorial.  You often see WWII vets in uniform visiting the memorial…very moving.


WWII Memorial Fountains



WWII Memorial looking at Washington Monument

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2 Responses to Weekend Sightseeing and Fine Dining

  1. Julie says:

    I didn’t even know there was the whole white napkin vs black napkin thing. Great! I no neither hip, swanky or cooth!

  2. Carrie says:

    We must try to get Jules and Bren out more often! Yeah, I love a place that switches out the napkins like that — especially when I’m wearing dark business suits! 🙂

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